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  1. Public taken for a ride in hidden cost of noisy, polluting bus services

    Posted Jan 24th 2006, 12:00am by Jake Van Der Kamp

    ... is it that the franchised bus companies have built up their bus fleets to such a size that the number of passengers they carry per bus is barely half of what it was 20 years ago although the buses are now larger? And how much of the congestion is due to bus-only lanes or traffic jams behind lines of buses waiting behind other buses to pull into bus stops? I must confess, Sir, that I have some difficulty ...

  2. News flash: Transport minister misses the boat on bus fares again

    Posted Jun 13th 2005, 12:00am by Jake Van Der Kamp

    ... Don't hold your breath for an end of the year decision. That would definitely constitute a break with her way of doing things. More hangs on this than just fare structures for buses. Any ... But things are also changing for the bus companies. New rail lines have eaten into their patronage. The first chart shows you the trend. The number of passenger journeys taken on franchised buses ...

  3. Liao takes a small step in a long journey

    Posted Jul 30th 2003, 12:00am by Jake Van Der Kamp

    ... States, where the prices of almost all inputs are denominated in the domestic currency. It is not so in Hong Kong. We do not, for instance, have a company that manufactures buses here. The bus companies must import their buses and if the purchase cost of those buses is denominated in euros and the euro furthermore rises against the Hong Kong dollar, then the bus companies' costs ...

  4. Developer turns a profit, shame about the much-hyped rail service

    Posted Aug 04th 2005, 12:00am by Jake Van Der Kamp

    ... of good news on the company. It is gaining market share against the buses. As the chart shows, patronage was up 2.5 per cent year on year for the first six months this year while the equivalent figure for the franchised buses was a negative 4.8 per cent. 'If it becomes more like a bank, it can channel credits to needy areas where other commercial banks do not want to go' ...

  5. MTR succumbs to greed and becomes a property speculator

    Posted Jan 11th 2006, 12:00am by Jake Van Der Kamp

    ... fares alone. Nowhere in the world is it so. These railway lines are always subsidised. The principal argument for subsidy is that competing transport modes- buses, for instance- do not pay ... and the public purse should bear some of the cost of this benefit. Metro systems would not be able to compete with buses if their full cost of construction and operation had to come from their fares ...

  6. Fare mechanism may have fallen off the bus even before it boards

    Posted Nov 10th 2005, 12:00am by Jake Van Der Kamp

    ... is not the overall consumer basket. For one thing, they face rapidly rising equipment costs because of the strength of the euro against the Hong Kong dollar (they do not buy American buses, thank heavens). ... swiftly because of ever more competition from rail. Their buses are also not as full as they used to be. Twenty years ago, their average bus carried 36,000 passengers a month. That figure is now ...

  7. Airlines should shop around for other ruses

    Posted Jul 12th 2007, 12:00am by Jake Van Der Kamp

    ... fingers into the shopping till at the airport because you bring passengers to the airport, would you agree that the Airport Express and the buses and taxis should be allowed to dip their fingers ...

  8. Deflation? It's a mixed shopping basket

    Posted Sep 24th 2003, 12:00am by Jake Van Der Kamp

    ... and magazine prices up 29 per cent. Newspaper publishers topped them all with a 36 per cent lift in prices (Where were we, boss?). In addition, Mr Nanik cited buses and the cost of eating ...

  9. Minus property, what else will help the MTR save some red faces?

    Posted Aug 14th 2006, 12:00am by Jake Van Der Kamp

    ... reclamation. A good deal more than that site alone has gone into the MTR of course, mostly on the reasoning that buses do not pay for the roadways they use and therefore railways should also have ...

  10. Even a six-day week just a pipe dream for our oppressed workers

    Posted Jan 16th 2006, 12:00am by Jake Van Der Kamp

    ... They all had to troop in bright and early, twiddle their thumbs for hours on end and hope the buses were still running when they finished late at night. Those employees actually valued ...




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