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  1. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Should some of China's carbon emissions be attributed to Hong Kong?

    Posted Nov 18th 2012, 12:00am by PATRICK LUI

    ... pledge, China has taken, and will continue to take, numerous effective measures to reduce CO 2 emissions. To Hong Kong's credit, its government in 2010 aligned its carbon-intensity reduction ... Patrick Lui Climate-change scientists factor in trade as they seek equitable attribution of carbon dioxide emissions If they're our factories, is it our pollution too? Should Hong ...

  2. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Scientists including in China study thorium-fuelled nuclear power

    Posted Jul 13th 2014, 03:10am by Martin Williams

    ... issues arose, the five-year trial was a success, achieving all objectives. Laboratory director Alvin Weinberg- who had studied the absorption spectrum of carbon dioxide for his master's ...

  3. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Robotic vehicles set to unlock secrets of space

    Posted Jan 19th 2014, 02:24am by Martin Williams

    ... have suggested that diamonds form in the atmospheres of Saturn and Jupiter. Their scenario involves lightning zapping methane molecules apart to form hydrogen and carbon, with the latter ... kilometres above these stripes. Further research has shown that this is mainly water vapour and ice crystals, together with other chemicals including ammonia and carbon dioxide. The plume ...

  4. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Batteries will power on despite Dreamliner glitch with lithium-ion-fuelled cells

    Posted Mar 31st 2013, 12:00am by Martin Williams

    ... this was used for electroplating. While the jar's purpose is debated, the invention of the battery is credited to Alessandro Volta (1745-1827). In 1800, he demonstrated a voltaic cell: a stack ... lithium-ion battery, there are lithium atoms within an anode material, which is usually carbon. There is an electrolyte containing lithium ions, and a cathode with a chemical that can accept lithium ...

  5. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    In praise of the low-tech

    Posted Jan 26th 2014, 04:53am by Tom Yam

    ... The kilns' chimneys emit plumes of dark smoke containing climate-changing pollutants such as black carbon. Vietnam's government is trying to phase out these small brick-making businesses-about ...

  6. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Frederick Sanger, two-time winner of Nobel Prize for chemistry, died last week

    Posted Nov 24th 2013, 03:40am by Martin Williams

    ... and nitric acids, but are organic molecules with chains and sometimes rings of carbon atoms, along with hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen atoms. Around 500 are known, but there are only 22 natural amino ...

  7. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Gas boom may be mixed blessing for climate change

    Posted May 12th 2013, 12:00am by PATRICK LUI

    ... China, South Korea, and Russia. When natural gas is used for electricity generation, it puts out about half the carbon dioxide emissions of coal per unit of energy produced. So if a fossil fuel ... to natural gas amid the abundant and inexpensive supply made possible by fracking, the country's carbon dioxide emissions fell to about 5.3 billion tonnes - the lowest level since 1994. ...

  8. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    The trouble with 'miracle' synthetics is that, so far, there hasn't been one

    Posted Jan 06th 2013, 12:00am by GDN

    ... The Guardian Ultra-thin carbon sheets have been sold as the next big thing, but we've been there before Will graphene prove to be the elusive 'miracle' material? Until ... This ultra-tough, ultra-thin form of carbon, just one atom thick and made of sheets of carbon atoms linked, chicken-wire fashion, into arrays of hexagons, has been sold as the next big thing: the future ...

  9. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Scientists increasingly think life on earth originated from another planet

    Posted Oct 06th 2013, 12:00am by Martin Williams

    ... and left the mixture to react for a week. Analysing the resulting liquid within his flask, Miller found five amino acids- carbon-based chemicals that also include elements such as oxygen ...

  10. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Godfather of climate change retires to continue mother of all battles

    Posted Apr 28th 2013, 12:00am by Martin Williams

    ... of the atmosphere of our home planet was changing before our eyes… Surely that would affect the earth's climate." By then, Hansen knew that carbon dioxide determined the climate on Mars and Venus. ... brightness, and volcanic activity. The rest were human-induced, and included land-cover changes, aerosols that scatter and absorb sunlight, carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gases. ...




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