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  1. Lifestyle - Family & Education - RELATIONSHIPS

    Parents can help their children embrace third-culture identity

    Posted Jul 07th 2014, 07:17pm by LORA LEE

    ... Lora Lee life@scmp.com How global nomads can help their children find their identity At the 20th anniversary celebrations of my son's soccer club, the head coach delivered a touching farewell to two players he had trained. It was obviously difficult for him to say goodbye to the children in whom he invested not only time but emotion. If it is so hard for a grown man, how hard ...

  2. Lifestyle - Family & Education - RELATIONSHIPS

    From obedience and respect, to anger and tantrums. What is going on?

    Posted Dec 30th 2012, 12:00am by DR TERRY LAM

    ... towards helping children open up and overcome their anger issues. The vast majority of parents love their children but how that love is expressed is equally important. Among the ways experts ... Be tactile. Many parents, especially parents from a traditional Chinese culture, seldom hug or kiss their children. This makes it difficult for young people to feel that you love them. 3. Spend ...

  3. Lifestyle - Family & Education - RELATIONSHIPS

    Relationships: why perfectionist children freeze up

    Posted Jun 03rd 2014, 10:51am by LORA LEE

    ... Lora Lee life@scmp.com Disabled by fear of not being perfect As final exams loom, some children become so fearful they freeze up. They are trapped in the vicious cycle of the three Ps: perfectionism, procrastination and paralysis. In the past few weeks, I've been busier than ever helping tweens and teens to break this cycle and helping parents realise that their children ...

  4. Lifestyle - Family & Education - RELATIONSHIPS

    Relationships: put yourself in your child's shoes to understand bad behaviour

    Posted Jul 29th 2014, 10:41am by LORA LEE

    ... half-sister and step-siblings. Children compare and compete with their siblings, and when it comes to attention, negative attention is better than no attention at all. Have you considered that his acting out may be a cry for attention? Your daughter and your biological children become who they are through countless hours of interaction, discipline, parenting (from you, the mother of your ...

  5. Lifestyle - Family & Education - RELATIONSHIPS

    Relationships: do dyslexic children need a therapist, and which type?

    Posted Jan 28th 2014, 09:42am by LORA LEE

    ... therapeutic models, how do I know what is best for her? As the saying goes, what we give to our children are "roots to grow and wings to fly". We can't buy real friends for our children, but we can teach them the social skills to negotiate and how to accept the give and take in relationships. We can't change our children's temperaments, but we can help them learn ...

  6. Lifestyle - Family & Education - RELATIONSHIPS

    Relationships: how selective internet usage can benefit shy children

    Posted Nov 19th 2013, 08:42am by LORA LEE

    ... with children she didn’t know. Should we take away her laptop and iPad? We are worried that she is becoming an internet addict. I have not met your daughter and can’t comment on if she might ... experiences. Before the internet, children and adults had more “real-time reality” and “off time”. We were not constantly in touch virtually with friends and families. We had more down time to reflect ...

  7. Lifestyle - Family & Education - RELATIONSHIPS

    There's no substitute for hands-on parenting

    Posted Apr 30th 2013, 12:00am by SAMANTHA LEUNG

    ... Samantha Leung life@scmp.com Hands-on parenting is testing, but it pays off Vincy and Franco have three children, who are all doing well in school. But the couple have always found it difficult to discipline their children, and say the youngsters are increasingly out of control. The oldest, aged 10, usually tops his class but loves internet games so much he cannot control ...

  8. Lifestyle - Family & Education - RELATIONSHIPS

    Self-kindness can help children solve their problems

    Posted Aug 06th 2013, 12:00am by LORA LEE

    ... to be more than a one-off occurrence. But children are resilient to a degree, especially if at least one parent is emotionally mature, able to show empathy, and is consistent in his/her own ... your son if he wants to share his feelings. Sometimes children just want to get something off their chest. To protect your child, you may need to point out that his father used inappropriate ...

  9. Lifestyle - Family & Education - RELATIONSHIPS

    Relationships: no replacement for quality time

    Posted May 27th 2014, 11:14am by LORA LEE

    ... in homework and is hitting other children. I feel like such a bad mother. I am considering a transfer to the back office so I will be able to focus more on our son and spend more time with my husband. ... you have to win his loyalty and trust and that takes time and commitment. All parents love their children, but youngsters need to be shown that you care. When you are in a business meeting ...

  10. Lifestyle - Family & Education - RELATIONSHIPS

    Relationships: How to bring step-families together

    Posted Apr 22nd 2014, 10:45am by LORA LEE

    ... Lora Lee life@scmp.com A stepfamily's summer test My children are coming to Hong Kong this summer on a visit from England. We had many problems when they were here during Christmas. ... with my children? My wife was too harsh on my kids last time. I don't want to become a "Disney dad," but I don't want to end up disciplining them all the time. When people ...




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