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  1. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Then & Now: The China lover

    Posted Sep 28th 2014, 09:14am by Jason Wordie

    ... in the Japanese presence in China. Recent mainland political agendas have created a powerful black-and-white historical narrative that maintains the Japanese in China were all hated intruders. The reality ... Jason Wordie The realities encountered by singer-actress Yoshiko Yamaguchi do not fit easily into today's Sino-Japanese narrative. The China lover The recent death in Tokyo of singer ...

  2. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Then & now: busy bodies

    Posted Nov 22nd 2014, 09:59pm by Jason Wordie

    ... figures, had evolved into an important power centre by the late 1850s. Over time, it became the still-important Tung Wah Hospital Committee. Other consultative bodies, such as the Po Leung Kuk, ... Membership of less-significant consultative organisations has offered a consolation prize to those who have not been up to “first eleven” batting standard. To arbitrage the powerful connections ...

  3. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Then & now: unnatural selection

    Posted Nov 15th 2014, 08:48pm by Jason Wordie

    ... Jason Wordie Gender inequality is a highly effective brake on a society’s progress, and China is no exception, writes Jason Wordie Unnatural selection Probably the single greatest ... infanticide, contemporary China’s orphanages are full of girls; the one-child policy has caused massive sexbased demographic imbalances in various parts of the mainland – especially in poorer regions. ...

  4. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    City scope: poor little rich girls

    Posted Nov 08th 2014, 10:10pm by Charukesi Ramadurai

    ... embarrassing, and trashy as hell," wrote one viewer. "Send them back to China!" said another. The show's flaunting of wealth by a generation who clearly didn't earn ... of dollars at luxury retail stores. Jiang, a 24-year-old maths graduate whose parents got rich in the real estate and natural resource sectors, says the online haters who have slated her looks ...

  5. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Six degrees

    Posted Oct 04th 2014, 10:09pm by Olivia Rosenman

    ... and the Boer war (1899-1902) in South Africa. In 1949, the newly formed People's Republic of China cancelled the rail service completely. Lugard wasn't around to enjoy the ride for long- he ... communicating; South Africans often refer to Mandela as Madiba, his Xhosa clan name. In 1999, the year he retired, Mandela denounced powerful nations such as the United States and Britain for trying ...

  6. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Six degrees

    Posted Sep 28th 2014, 09:15am by Olivia Rosenman

    ... to China. Perhaps the British prime minister was bound for failure, having described China as a “rather unpleasant place governed by rather unpleasant people” when she first visited, in 1977. In 1989, the Iron Lady gave a powerful anti-smoking speech aimed at convincing adolescents to kick the habit. In 1992, two years after she left office, Thatcher took on a lucrative consultancy role ...

  7. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Reflections: That's entertainment

    Posted Aug 23rd 2014, 11:15pm by Wee Kek Koon

    ... and their secretaries, make-up artists and other hangers-on “serve by imperial appointment” (yuyong). But in imperial China, they were considered little better than prostitutes – but for a couple of years ... most of these entertainers were corrupt and amassed wealth and political power. Their glory was short-lived, however. The emperor’s adoptive brother soon rebelled and the emperor was killed. ...

  8. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Then & now: the great escapes

    Posted Aug 16th 2014, 11:32pm by Jason Wordie

    ... of life worldwide for the entire course of human history. Desperate people, driven from their homes by natural disasters, or political or economic circumstances beyond their power, have become ... similar to those that caused them to flee; few countries offer permanent safe havens. Their powerlessness has always left refugees exposed to exploitation. White Russians flooded into China ...

  9. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Reflections: playing the loyalty card

    Posted Aug 09th 2014, 11:10pm by Wee Kek Koon

    ... of the Hong Kong elite hold foreign nationalities, which is fine and, for the most part, none of anyone’s business. However, these foreigners potentially have the power to influence government policy ... to believe. China has had its share of fifth columnists throughout its long history. Among the most vilified were Sang Weihan (898- 947) and Qin Hui (1090-1155), both of whom, while serving as key ...

  10. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Then & now: taking note

    Posted Dec 21st 2013, 10:44pm by Jason Wordie

    ... and recent sharp spikes in jade prices offer an insight into current asset bet-hedging. Massive exploitation of jade resources in Myanmar in recent years has led to increased demand in the mainland, ... and the European Union have all turned the presses on and fundamentally ignored the lessons of the 20th century, but they're not the only ones- Japan and China have done the same. And while- in broad ...




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