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  1. Comment - Insight & Opinion - WHAT THE MAINLAND MEDIA SAY

    More Chinese than Westerners howl against annual dog meat festival

    Posted Jun 29th 2014, 05:27am by Cary Huang

    ... Cary Huang Canine cuisine has long been viewed with disgust in the West, but this year Chinese themselves loudly voiced their distaste Dog-meat festival stirs uphowls of outrage at home now One man's meat is another man's poison, as the Yulin Dog Meat Festival shows. While most Westerners would never consider eating a dog or cat, these and other domestic animals ...

  2. Comment - Blogs

    China animal activists rescue hundreds of dogs before dog meat festival

    Posted Jun 25th 2013, 07:27pm by Vicky Feng

    ... Vicky Feng Chinese animal activists flocked to Yulin, Guangxi province, to save the lives of hundreds of dogs before the local dog meat festival began on Friday. More than 20 activists ... after we saved them,’’ said Hong Bin, 40, a Buddhist artist who joined the dog rescue. The annual dog meat festival was held this year despite strong opposition and criticism from animal rights ...

  3. Comment - Letters

    Letters to the Editor, November 23, 2014

    Posted Nov 23rd 2014, 06:03am by LETTERS

    ... to the dogs. G. Michael, Tsim Sha Tsui   Keep political focus of liberal studies subject I am writing in response to the controversy surrounding the liberal studies curriculum. This curriculum ... pangolin meat is considered a delicacy. In Africa, pangolins are sacrificed for rainmaking ceremonies, hunted for meat and their scales burned to keep wild animals away. As a single pangolin can ...

  4. Comment - Letters

    Letters to the Editor, June 4, 2014

    Posted Jun 04th 2014, 05:26am by LETTERS

    ... at the positive aspects of these computer games and the ways in which they can actually help young people. Wong Siu-yuk, Sham Shui Po   Beijing should ban cruel dog meat festival It makes me angry that the annual Dog Meat Festival continues to be held in Yulin, Guangxi, on the summer solstice later this month. The bond between dogs and humans is a strong one and they can even, for example, ...

  5. Comment - Insight & Opinion

    Best to keep our 'truthiness' in check

    Posted Jan 09th 2013, 12:00am by Alex Lo

    ... an examination of the facts. So it's gut feeling that makes us oppose the sale and consumption of shark fin, bluefin tuna, foie gras and dog meat; the hunting of whales and cute little seals ...

  6. Comment - Blogs

    Sunday Science

    Posted Jan 27th 2013, 02:11pm by Christy Choi

    ... in Sweden have found that a genetic switch made it possible for dogs to go from meat-munching wolves to man's leftover-loving best friend. ...

  7. Comment - Letters

    Letters to the Editor, August 5, 2014

    Posted Aug 05th 2014, 04:29am by LETTERS

    ... not forget our villages are also full of residents, their children, dogs and visitors. I recently witnessed our postman come within centimeters of being hit by yet another speeding vehicle. Our ... that requiring import permits for cooked meat will stop rotten meat getting into Hong Kong. Applying for such permits will be an expensive process for traders. As there are few traders who ...

  8. Comment - Letters

    Letters to the Editor, August 2, 2014

    Posted Aug 02nd 2014, 04:42am by LETTERS

    ... to share their parents' political views. Wong Siu-yuk, Sham Shui Po   McDonald's controversy a lesson to firms McDonald's, which apologised for its part in the expired meat scandal ... Repulse Bay and Deep Water Bay have been replaced with jail-like railings prohibiting all access to the little beach or rocks where dogs and owners alike used to enjoy frolicking in the water. ...

  9. Comment - Insight & Opinion

    The sad lot of Hong Kong's slaughterhouse animals

    Posted Feb 05th 2014, 05:42pm by Paul Stapleton

    ... is the moral cost of wasting the lives of myriad chickens, and the broader hypocrisy harboured in our treatment of animals. Here in Hong Kong, frequent stories about the deliberate poisoning of dogs make headlines when a handful of pets are found dead. Their owners are rightfully outraged. Yet, before these dogs died, they were probably being fed the meat from farm animals called "pet ...

  10. News - China Insider - ANIMAL CRUELTY

    Striped Shanghai puppies painted with chemicals to dupe shoppers

    Posted Oct 21st 2013, 03:35pm by Anna Healy Fenton

    ... or fronts for the fur and dog and cat meat market. Others are well-meaning hoarders who end up swamped with a thousand or more animals crammed in cages. Such is the enormity of the unwanted animal ... homes for about 80 cats and dogs a year, relying solely on donations and fund raising to pay vet and food bills. Pets are big business    Along with China’s embrace of all things international ...




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