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  1. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Six degrees

    Posted Oct 18th 2014, 10:47pm by Mark Peters

    ... Carre opposed the actor originally cast to star in the movie adaptation of his novel The Russia House after his pooches fought with the actor’s pet mutt in a London park. The “vicious dog ...

  2. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    So near, yet so feared

    Posted Sep 21st 2014, 09:09am by cecilie gamst berg

    ... Cecilie Gamst Berg Cecilie Gamst Berg Going to the dogs The first time I visited Sihui, in Guangdong province, I used a travelling technique I would recommend to anybody, especially you ... yelps. Right outside the entrance to the hotel, stall owners were slaughtering dogs. Call me old-fashioned, but I don't think that is very modern. ...

  3. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Rant: Beach bummers

    Posted Sep 28th 2014, 09:14am by Adam Wright

    ... Services Department to add a call for people to clean up after themselves to the non-stop public service announcements about bans on frisbees, dogs and the like (in three languages, no less) made ...

  4. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    My life: Tim Jarvis

    Posted Oct 04th 2014, 10:09pm by Joyee Chan

    ... geomorphology (the scientific study of landforms) at university. I was an independent child and liked solo adventure. In the 1970s, I loved camping in Malaysian jungles with my dog. I became very ...

  5. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Something new: Hail Cesar

    Posted May 03rd 2014, 11:09pm by cecilie gamst berg

    ... Cecilie Gamst Berg Cecilie Gamst Berg Hail Cesar "Tsht!" This sound will make dog lovers all over Hong Kong prick up their ears and start salivating. It's the sound celebrity dog-psychology expert Cesar Millan makes when he wants to snap a dog out of the mindset it is in and stop unwanted behaviour. Whether the dog is frantically chasing prams or bicycles- ...

  6. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Six degrees

    Posted Sep 06th 2014, 10:50pm

    ... festival with more than just adoring accolades. During the post-Glasto clean-up a white dog was found in an abandoned tent and was subsequently named Dolly in honour of the Tennessee songstress. Parton was set to adopt the dog before it was eventually reunited with its owners. In 2009, Parton claimed to have written more than 3,000 songs since the age of seven, during an interview ...

  7. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Rant: getting off Scot-free?

    Posted Sep 06th 2014, 10:50pm by Kenny Hodgart

    ... are squabbling over whether to sell the ancestral home and in the meantime they've thrown out all the stuff and put the dog in kennels. Or something. British expats can vote in normal elections ...

  8. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Rant: It's 'Planet of the Apes', only the apes are dogs

    Posted Nov 09th 2013, 10:28pm by Robby Nimmo

    ... Robby Nimmo Robby Nimmo Really taking the cake I grew up with several dogs, in an era when dogs were bottom of the pack and people came first. The dogs knew their place, which was generally outside in the backyard or paddock doing dog things- running about, digging holes, sniffing other dogs' butts and lying in the shade farting, snoring and dreaming about running about ...

  9. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    So near yet so feared: where a dog's dinner

    Posted Feb 03rd 2013, 12:00am by cecilie gamst berg

    ... Cecilie Gamst Berg Cecilie Gamst Berg Where a dog's dinner You know when you see something and it registers subconsciously as being not quite right? I had one of those moments in a remote Sichuan village when L and I were sauntering through a wintry field and saw two guys taking a dog for a walk. "Ahhh, that's nice," I thought, being a dog lover. ...

  10. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Something new: Salt Discovery Menu at Armani/Aqua

    Posted May 31st 2014, 11:58pm by Olivia Rosenman

    ... devised some salty cocktails to try. Pink Poodle is the ultimate salty dog: citrus-infused gin seasoned with pink Himalayan salt flakes shaken with grapefruit juice and topped with soda. Now ...




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