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  1. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Monster plants and our father's fears in new DNA research on epigenetics

    Posted Aug 31st 2014, 01:22am by Martin Williams

    ... with genes that should slow cell growth turned off, others that lead to faster cell growth switched on, leading to cells multiplying without control. This notion has led to a quest to find drug ...

  2. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    In debate on price of new medicines, a middle ground needs finding

    Posted Apr 20th 2014, 05:53am by Hari Kumar

    ... Sovaldi promised a 90 per cent chance of recovery for those affected by hepatitis C. [Drug firms' policies] are simply putting profits before people's lives Dr Jennifer Cohn But the euphoria that followed the announcement turned to gasps of disbelief a few weeks ago when the company announced the price of the drug- US$84,000 for a 12-week course. Or US$1,000 per pill. ...

  3. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Hong Kong has right conditions for outbreaks of drug-resistant superbugs

    Posted Nov 04th 2012, 12:00am by ERNIE YAP

    ... Ernie Yap New Delhi strain found at Princess Margaret Hospital in August so far defies treatment by most effective drugs available to medicine Antibiotic-resistant NDM-1 bacteria poses ... and doctors have since been placed on alert and drug research switched into high gear to make preparations should an outbreak occur. On a micro level, the gene for NDM-1 is found on the DNA strands ...

  4. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Resistance to antibiotics prompts new health threats

    Posted Sep 29th 2013, 12:00am by Martin Williams

    ... Martin Williams Experts think the age of the wonder drug may now be over because of antibiotic overuse Resistance to antibiotics prompts new health threats It has only been 70 years since work began on the first mass production of an antibiotic, penicillin. It was hailed as a "wonder drug" as it could treat a host of diseases including pneumonia and scarlet fever. Yet ...

  5. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Parents should be careful about monitoring their children's online activities

    Posted Dec 08th 2013, 06:19am by STEPHEN THOMPSON

    ... in Hong Kong, not North Korea. Only if teenagers go off the rails, start taking drugs or get into seriously dangerous activities should we monitor them more closely or covertly. But supposing you ... drugs after school. Technology cannot take the place of time spent interacting with children in the real world. We have a lot of values and data in our heads, and children need two or three ...

  6. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Learned science journals take an off-beat approach at Christmas

    Posted Dec 22nd 2013, 03:44am by Martin Williams

    ... and embryo transfer. And yet, laughter is not always the best medicine. Humour can weaken your resolve and promote brand preference, so doctors encountering those selling drugs are advised ...

  7. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Study draws link between statins and survival rates in cancer fight

    Posted Dec 09th 2012, 12:00am by ERNIE YAP

    ... the cholesterol-lowering statins before they were diagnosed had a 15 per cent lower risk of dying than those who had not used the drugs. According to one of the study's authors, earlier studies suggested ... of cholesterol-lowering drugs. Statins are a class of drugs used to lower cholesterol levels by inhibiting the enzyme 3-hydroxy-3-methyl-glutaryl-CoA (HMG-CoA) reductase, which plays a central role ...

  8. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Scientists implant false memories into mice- and cast doubt on human memories

    Posted Aug 18th 2013, 12:00am by Martin Williams

    ... of Psychology at McGill University, Canada, found that rats given a drug that suppressed protein synthesis- the creation of proteins by cells- before recalling a scary memory did not re-store ...

  9. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Prevention key to containing new avian flu outbreak

    Posted Apr 07th 2013, 12:00am by ERNIE YAP

    ... Ernie Yap Hong Kong's proximity to the mainland and its role as a travel hub mean it should get ready to fight the virus through screening, testing and drugs Prevention the key to controlling new avian flu The unexpected outbreak of influenza A(H7N9) on the mainland marks the first time the virus has been detected in humans. By last night, there were 18 confirmed cases, ...

  10. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Research paper finds obesity myths are still accepted at face value

    Posted Feb 24th 2013, 12:00am by ERNIE YAP

    ... some weight-loss drugs and bariatric surgery helps. It is important to understand that despite the title, the study was not a myth-busting exercise, but merely highlight that which has not been ...




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