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  1. Infographics - News - Entomophagy

    Entomophagy, the consumption of insects as food

    Posted May 15th 2013, 09:59am by SCMP Graphics

    ... SCMP Graphics The UN Food and Agricuture Organisation has just published a report on the promotion of entomophagy - the consumption of insects as food. It is a practice that has been around for millenia. Artistotle having waxed lyrical on cicada many a centuries ago. Not only do insects contain great nutritional values, but they have also proven to be more environmentally ...

  2. Lifestyle - Books - NATURE

    Book review: 'A Sting in the Tale'

    Posted Jun 02nd 2013, 12:00am by GDN

    ... domesticated for centuries and are drab in colour. Most bumblebees, of which there are 250 species, are more spectacular: the charismatic tigers of the insect world. These wild insects are being commandeered by us because they are such expert pollinators. Insects are cheaper labour than humans and, as Goulson observes, bumblebees possess "powers of perception and learning that often put ...

  3. Jiminy Cricket! Beetles invade Disney

    Posted Jul 15th 2005, 12:00am by Simon Parry

    ... long-horned beetle, a wood-eating insect exported in mainland shipments that has infested many countries, including the US. Disney refused to confirm or deny reports of the infestation yesterday ... entomologist Christophe Barthelemey, who is writing a book on the city's insects, said the beetles would almost certainly have infested the hotel inside furniture and they were likely ...

  4. Roach's robots are all the rage

    Posted Mar 14th 2004, 12:00am by Vivienne Chow

    ... Vivienne Chow It's difficult to associate Chow Kam-wing, or Cockroach as he prefers to be called, with his first solo exhibition, Cockobot. In person, Cockroach seems quiet and unassuming so all his weird and wacky ideas must be stored in his head. C ...

  5. insects

    Posted Apr 15th 2007, 12:00am by Paul Kay

    ... Compiled by Paul Kay 1 What is the study of insects called? 2 Which type of insect has more species than any other creature on Earth? 3 In the town of Pacific Grove, California, it is a misdemeanour to kill or threaten which type of insect? 4 By what name are insects of the order dermaptera better known? 5 Which band released the albums Sunshine Hit Me (2002) and Octopus (2007)? ...

  6. Insects

    Posted Jul 31st 2005, 12:00am by Staff Reporter

    ... Compiled by Kerri-Ann O'Sullivan 1 What is the study of insects called? 2 How long does the average house fly live? 3 Which insect has the largest brain in proportion to its size? 4 What kind of insect is Archy in Don Marquis' Archy and Mehitabel books? 5 Approximately how many muscles can a caterpillar have: a) zero b) 4,000 c) one million? 6 Which Hollywood ...

  7. Comment - Blogs

    Video: Mutant cockroaches develop mechanism to evade sugar traps

    Posted May 24th 2013, 04:54pm by Christy Choi

    ... Christy Choi In an evolutionary twist, some German cockroaches have developed a genetic mechanism that makes sugar taste bitter – allowing them evade sugary bait set out to kill them.  “Most times, genetic changes, or mutations, cause the loss of function ...

  8. Spray away unwanted intruders

    Posted Apr 09th 2010, 12:00am by Staff Reporter

    ... Getting rid of pests from your home by buying a chemical spray is not a hard task, but the procedure takes patience and caution. 'While buying the chemical spray, make sure none of the people living in the house is allergic to the ingredients,' ...

  9. Diary of a renovator: chemical warfare

    Posted Aug 15th 2008, 12:00am by Xiu Fang

    ... brushing off an insect. My mind marched back to The Art of War. I had laid plans, waged war and attacked by stratagem. Victory, I hoped, was assured. Australia's Ashes win seven years ago gave ...

  10. Cockroach killers face fine of $1.2m

    Posted Feb 17th 2004, 12:00am by Nick Squires

    ... were accidentally introduced to the island in 1918, the insects were virtually wiped out. About 300 of the cockroaches survive on rat-free Blackburn and Roach islands, two tiny islands off the coast of Lord Howe. Blackburn island's entire population of the insect is believed to live under a single banyan tree. Michael Murphy, threatened species officer with the New South Wales ...




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