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  1. What changed and why

    Posted Oct 13th 2009, 12:00am by John Brennan

    ... John Brennan In this version, the princess is arrogant at the beginning of the story and eventually becomes more humble. We see this change in her character through the different attitude she has to the prince the first and second times she meets him. Because of this change, and because she doesn't send him away the second time, her country is eventually saved. Also, ...

  2. John says...

    Posted Nov 17th 2009, 12:00am by John Brennan

    ... John Brennan Stories in which we can predict what's going to happen as soon as we start reading are usually very disappointing. So congratulations to Nobita for taking us completely by surprise with her tale. Who could foresee that a trip to a fashion show would lead to this life and death struggle? Or such a light-hearted event would become the setting for something as important ...

  3. What changed and why

    Posted Nov 24th 2009, 12:00am by John Brennan

    ... John Brennan I'm sure many readers will think the happy ending I've given my version of the story is too sentimental, but Christmas is coming so I hope you, and Tsz-ching, can forgive me. And I wouldn't want any young authors to think you can't have open endings to your stories. An open ending is one that leaves us wondering whether the main character ...

  4. What changed and why

    Posted Nov 17th 2009, 12:00am by John Brennan

    ... John Brennan In my version of Nobita's story, it's Mimi, not Sam, who tells us what happens. Therefore it's Mimi we see searching for Sam, and it's Mimi who remembers the time when she was close to her brother. Maybe, like Nobita, you're more interested in Sam's view of the events. But I wanted to highlight how, by changing the point of view from which ...

  5. What changed and why

    Posted Nov 10th 2009, 12:00am by John Brennan

    ... John Brennan In Kimberly's exciting original story, Joseph and Mr Chan only became friends after Joseph had saved him. In this new version, Joseph and Mr Chan have been friends, but their relationship suddenly changes as Mr Chan starts to ignore Joseph. Joseph is not sure why this is happening. It is only after Joseph has saved his neighbour's life that he discovers the reason ...

  6. What changed and why

    Posted Nov 03rd 2009, 12:00am by John Brennan

    ... John Brennan In this version of the story, I've tried to develop Sam's attitude to Mr Amazing. By making some small changes to Wai-ki's original, I wanted to highlight Sam's reaction to what he sees during the day, and how his dream of being a superhero is affected. Very near the start, I mention Sam's always wanted to be like Mr Amazing. But as he ...

  7. John says...

    Posted Nov 24th 2009, 12:00am by John Brennan

    ... John Brennan 'A Change of Heart' is a short but powerful story about an adult dilemma. A dilemma is a problem that has no happy solution. Should the woman in the story tell her husband how her feelings for him have changed, and therefore make him unhappy? Or should she pretend everything is ok? Then she would not only be dishonest, she'd probably be miserable too. ...

  8. John says...

    Posted Nov 10th 2009, 12:00am by John Brennan

    ... John Brennan In 'A brush with death', Kimberly has come up with a very exciting series of events. Surely we all wish we could act as bravely as Joseph- and receive all that praise afterwards. And the events in Kimberly's story could easily form the climax and resolution of a longer story. The resolution is the final part of a story. In this part of 'A ...

  9. John says...

    Posted Nov 03rd 2009, 12:00am by John Brennan

    ... John Brennan What would it be like to follow a superhero around for a day? Would their life be as we imagined? Or could their attempts to help ordinary people sometimes create problems for them? Wai-ki's story comes up with some interesting answers to these questions. In 'An 'Amazing' Day', we see Mr Amazing tackle three incidents. In many simple stories, ...

  10. John says...

    Posted Oct 27th 2009, 12:00am by John Brennan

    ... John Brennan When someone reads a story, they are, of course, using their brain to think about the words and their meanings. But a strong story will also trigger some sort of emotional reaction in the reader. In Outside the Box, Cleo has painted a very convincing picture of a man filled with regret. Joe Critz was blinded by greed, and he didn't fully value what he had until ...




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