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  1. Magazines - Post Magazine - TRAVEL

    The final frontier: Ha Giang, Vietnam

    Posted Apr 20th 2014, 12:36am

    ... to the transit town of Lao Cai. The bus has fully reclinable seats made for dwarfs, flashing disco lights and a television blasting Vietnamese music videos on a constant loop, none of which make for a good night’s sleep. From nondescript Lao Cai we take a minibus for the five-hour journey to Ha Giang town, where we arrive on a cold, crisp morning. Laid out along a two-lane street, the town ...

  2. Lifestyle - Arts & Culture

    Review: Red Chamber in the Concrete Forest

    Posted Mar 04th 2014, 10:20am by Kevin Kwong

    ... prostitute (Sarah Lao, left, with Anson Chan), who eventually breaks his heart, too. So, what is the story here? A Hong Kong man's emotional life gets screwed twice over by mainland prostitutes ... to develop. Despite the weak script (especially when compared with Blast), Zhao and Lao gave solid performances as the two drifters and prostitutes, while Tang, Jim Hui and Anson Chan- who play Man ...

  3. Lifestyle - Books - SOUTHEAST ASIA

    Book review: Eternal Harvest, by Karen Coates and Jerry Redfern

    Posted Dec 01st 2013, 04:51pm by David Wilson

    ... David Wilson Eternal Harvest: The Legacy of American Bombs in Laos by Karen Coates and Jerry Redfern Things Asian Press/Global Directions 4 stars David Wilson "Laos is a land steeped ... smile with ease," journalist Karen Coates writes in her guide to the real Laos, grounded in a seven-year-plus investigation. With her photographer husband, Jerry Redfern, Coates digs under ...

  4. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    China faces monumental challenges in tackling environmental degradation

    Posted Mar 16th 2014, 03:23am by Martin Williams

    ... in Hong Kong. Yet China is also steeped in wisdom and the concept of harmony with nature. It's past time to act according to such wisdom. As Taoist philosopher Lao Tzu cautioned: ...

  5. Lifestyle - Technology - GENETICS

    Study finds single bloodline among self-claimed Confucius descendants

    Posted Nov 13th 2013, 03:00am by STEPHEN CHEN

    ... sample from the sage, it was not possible to be certain they were descendants of Confucius. However, unlike another great sage, Lao Tze, Confucius is a well-documented historical figure and few ...

  6. Lifestyle - Arts & Culture

    Review: Chiming Notes That Resonate Through Two Millennia

    Posted Sep 17th 2013, 12:00am by ALEXIS ALRICH

    ... Resounding Chimes by Lao Luo integrated folk-like chants seamlessly with hints of jazz. He used reed instruments, including suonas wailing at the top of their range. Finally, Opus in Celebration ...

  7. Lifestyle - Books - NON-FICTION

    E-books/audiobooks review: non-fiction

    Posted Jun 30th 2013, 12:00am by Charmaine Chan

    ... Carroll Amazon Digital Services (e-book) Bombs and Butterflies is Jo Carroll's third in her series of travel books about her post-retirement adventures. This time she tells of a trip to Laos ... the US secret war which left Laos littered with unexploded ordnance, but there is scant other history or indeed behind-the-scenes portraits of Laotians encountered. Which underscores that Carroll ...

  8. Lifestyle - Technology - ECOLOGY

    Mekong area as lost third of its forest cover since 1970s, WWF finds

    Posted May 05th 2013, 12:00am by GUARDIAN

    ... than a fifth of their original cover by 2030- with devastating effects on wildlife and humans, a new report suggests. Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam have lost nearly 40 million ... calculated that since 1980, Cambodia has lost 22 per cent of its 1973 forest cover, Laos and Myanmar each lost 24 per cent, and Thailand and Vietnam lost 43 per cent. The report on ecosystems ...

  9. Lifestyle - Food & Wine

    Thai restaurant Chachawan will serve Isaan's extra-hot dishes

    Posted Jul 12th 2013, 12:00am by Mischa Moselle

    ... flow towards the borders with Laos, Cambodia and southern Vietnam, the inhabitants have more in common with those countries than with the Thais of the Central Plains area around Bangkok. ... in Laos, but has been appropriated by the Thais. "They've made it their own," says Cliff, adding that the Thai version doesn't contain the pungent fermented fish that the Lao ...

  10. Lifestyle - Arts & Culture

    'Change' for the better

    Posted Nov 10th 2013, 05:17pm by Clara Chow

    ... the S$6-million (HK$37.4 million) "SB2013" features 82 works by artists and art collectives from 13 countries around Singapore including Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos and Myanmar. The pieces were ...




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