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  1. Lifestyle - Technology - SPACE

    Scientists and researchers working hard to stop asteroids hitting earth

    Posted Feb 07th 2014, 09:29am by Jamie Carter

    ... Jamie Carter life@scmp.com Scientists hard at work to prevent the next big bang Can asteroid collisions with the earth be prevented? After last February's events in Russia- which saw ... of such destruction have been identified, although only about 155 are seen as life-threateningly big- that is, about 10 kilometres wide. While current technology can't consistently detect small ...

  2. News - World - SPACE

    Nasa's Maven spacecraft enters orbit around Mars

    Posted Sep 22nd 2014, 11:51am by AFP

    ... on the planet's potential to support life- even if that was just microbial life- long ago. Maven's findings are also expected to help add to knowledge of how humans could survive on a future visit ... environment shows evidence of a past ability to support life. Later this week, an Indian spacecraft, the Mars Orbiter Mission, is expected to reach Mars. The unmanned probe is set to enter Mars's ...

  3. Lifestyle - Technology - SPACE

    Mars rover Opportunity sets space driving distance record

    Posted Aug 03rd 2014, 04:22am by MCT

    ... site. Though it discovered hints of past water soon after landing in Eagle Crater, the water was acidic and unsuitable for life. Only after leaving its landing site and arriving at Endeavour Crater did the rover discover signs of neutral, drinkable water- a key ingredient for life-friendly environments. If Opportunity can do about two more kilometres, it will reach Marathon Valley. ...

  4. News - World - SPACE

    Comet chasing space probe will reach target Wednesday after 6 billion km dash

    Posted Aug 03rd 2014, 11:20am by AFP

    ... ago. Some suggest they could be the key to understanding how the planets coalesced after the sun flared into life. One theory is that comets, by bombarding the fledgling earth, helped kick-start life by bringing water and organic molecules. Until now, though, explorations of comets have been rare and mainly entailed fly-bys by probes on unrelated missions snatching pictures from ...

  5. News - World - SPACE

    Hunt for alien life homes in on Earth 2.0, a planet of similar size to our own

    Posted Apr 18th 2014, 08:58pm by AFP

    ... The Hunt for alien life homes in on earth 2.0 The hunt for potential life in outer space has taken a step forward- an international team of researchers has discovered the first earth-sized planet ... not too close and not too far, so it could have liquid water, considered a crucial component to possibly hosting life. "The discovery of Kepler-186f is a significant step toward finding ...

  6. News - World - SPACE

    Kepler telescope spies rocky 'Mega-Earth'

    Posted Jun 04th 2014, 05:23am by WASHPOST

    ... with clearly defined surfaces, rather than become gaseous and bloated. That means there's more real estate out there for life as we know it on earth. Kepler-10c is also very old, having formed ... light-years away in the constellation Draco, isn't likely to harbour life. It is too close to the parent star and the surface is thoroughly roasted. Gravity at the surface is about twice ...

  7. News - China - SPACE

    ‘It came back to life’: China’s Jade Rabbit snaps out of silence but mechanical kinks remain

    Posted Feb 13th 2014, 09:51am by DARREN WEE

    ... Darren Wee darren.wee@scmp.com Lunar rover 'awake', but problems persist The Jade Rabbit lunar rover has bounced back to life but is suffering the same problems as before, state ... could be saved. “Jade Rabbit went to sleep in an abnormal state. We were worried it wouldn’t be able to endure the lunar night’s extremely low temperatures, but it’s come back to life! As long ...

  8. News - World - SPACE

    Really want to go for a spin? Try planet Beta Pictoris b

    Posted May 02nd 2014, 01:23am by Reuters

    ... Reuters in Washington Distant planet would give you spin of your life Are you the type of person who gets dizzy just watching a merry-go-round go round and round? If so, don't plan a visit to the planet known as Beta Pictoris b. The thing spins like mad. Scientists say that for the first time, they have measured the spin of a planet outside our solar system- a large gas ...

  9. News - World - SPACE

    Risk of ‘city-killing’ asteroid striking Earth higher than thought, experts warn

    Posted Apr 23rd 2014, 10:20am by Reuters at Cape Canaveral, Florida

    ... triggering climate changes that are believed to have caused the dinosaurs – and most other life on Earth at the time – to die off. “Chelyabinsk taught us that asteroids of even 20-metre size can have ...

  10. News - World - SPACE

    Scientists say ancient lake on Mars could have been hospitable for life

    Posted Dec 10th 2013, 09:36pm by NYT

    ... The New York Times Scientists say that the idea of the planet sustaining living things is plausible Ancient Mars lake 'hospitable for life' About 3.5 billion years ago, just as life is thought to have first arisen on earth, Mars also had a large freshwater lake that might well have been hospitable to life, scientists report. The lake lay in the same crater where ...




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