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  1. Caution on faster-than-light claim

    Posted Oct 02nd 2011, 12:00am

    ... Adrian Wan adrian.wan@scmp.com The quest for neutrinos (subatomic particles) raised more questions about physics than it answered last week, but local physicists say the latest finding will not interfere with groundbreaking research at Daya Bay, north of Hong Kong. Last week scientists at Cern (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) said they had found neutrinos moving faster than ...

  2. Physics that keeps on boggling the mind

    Posted Oct 01st 2011, 12:00am

    ... involved neutrinos, ghostlike particles with almost no mass. They come in three flavours- as electrons and mu and tau neutrinos. One of the quirks of quantum mechanics is that we can't predict which state a neutrino is in unless we measure it. Each flavour has a slightly different mass. Suppose the Cern scientists initially prepared a large supply of electron neutrinos, sent them from ...

  3. CUHK glows with global research role

    Posted Sep 10th 2011, 12:00am

    ... on a quest to answer some puzzling questions. These relate to the elusive neutrinos, the elementary uncharged particles produced in nuclear reactions, such as those observed on the sun, by cosmic rays. They are also produced in nuclear power plants. 'Through learning more about neutrinos, we may be able to discover new details about how Earth was created, as well as useful ...

  4. Experiments at Daya Bay shed light on antimatter

    Posted Aug 28th 2011, 12:00am

    ... the power station northeast of Hong Kong that provides the city with most of its electricity. After eight years of building and planning, the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment this month began ... 'flavours' of neutrinos- electron, muon and tau- in an attempt to discover how they were formed when the universe was created in the Big Bang more than 14 billion years ago. Neutrinos are elementary ...

  5. Too soon to say modern physics turned on its head

    Posted Nov 27th 2011, 12:00am

    ... that subatomic particles called neutrinos may do so. The second experiment was conducted to correct a potential error, and it confirmed the validity of the first. In both cases, the particles were sent ... of light is 299,792,458 metres per second, the neutrinos were travelling at 299,798,454 metres per second- 5,996 metres per second faster than the speed of light. In the first experiment, at 10.5 ...

  6. Scientists side with Einstein on light speed

    Posted Sep 29th 2011, 12:00am

    ... community, critics compiled a list of possible instrumentation errors and said that any of them could make the tiny subatomic particles, or neutrinos, appear to travel faster than light. Global positioning systems, for instance, came under fire. In the so-called Opera experiment, named after the neutrino detector in Italy, the tiny particles were sent from the Cern laboratory in Switzerland ...

  7. A Sino-US matter of great import

    Posted Aug 29th 2011, 12:00am

    ... a mystery feature of neutrinos, a fundamental building block of matter, and their evil twin, antineutrinos. The neutrinos are by-products of nuclear reactions, hence the need to perform ...

  8. Daya Bay begins quest to find cosmic answers

    Posted Aug 28th 2011, 12:00am

    ... the bulk of Hong Kong's electricity. After eight years of preparation, two detectors buried near the nuclear facility this month began measuring subatomic particles, or neutrinos ... 'To collaborate with top scientists from all over the world to build the most sensitive neutrino detector ever was just too good to miss.' ...

  9. Simple guide to complexity

    Posted Sep 25th 2011, 12:00am

    ... of science, too. Just last week, Cern, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, reported that a neutrino beam fired from a particle accelerator near Geneva travelled 60 nanoseconds faster than ...

  10. Brain drain versus job gains

    Posted Sep 10th 2011, 12:00am

    ... Reactor Neutrino Experiment project, which aims to discover more about these elementary particles, involves more than 200 scientists from 39 international institutes, including CUHK [Editor: See ...




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