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  1. Lifestyle - Health - HEALTH BITES

    Health Bites

    Posted Mar 11th 2014, 10:14am by Jeanette Wang

    ... radiation therapy For women with breast cancer undergoing radiation therapy, yoga offers unique benefits beyond fighting fatigue, according to a study by the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer ... Women who practise yoga are also better equipped to find meaning in the illness experience. Binge drinking could harm older drinkers A study has found that among older moderate drinkers, those ...

  2. Lifestyle - Health - HEALTH BITES

    Health bites

    Posted Feb 18th 2014, 10:18am by Jeanette Wang

    ... Jeanette Wang jeanette.wang@scmp.com The chase is on It's said that men love a chase- well, there's a challenging new one in town. The inaugural Prodigy Running Skirt Chaser takes place in Mui Wo on March 2 and will pit men against women over an 8.5 kilometre trail run. The women will be given an eight-minute head start and the winner will be the first runner- male ...

  3. Lifestyle - Health - HEALTH BITES

    Health Bites: New caffeine study warns of negative effects

    Posted Feb 04th 2014, 09:50am by Jeanette Wang

    ... to three 240ml cups of coffee. Pregnant women should consume less than 200mg per day. Voice may change after nose surgery Getting a nose job not only changes your appearance, but may also change ... with a stuffy nose. Certain probiotics could help women to lose weight Certain probiotics could help women lose weight and keep it off, reports a study in the British Journal of Nutrition. Researchers ...

  4. Lifestyle - Health - HEALTH BITES

    Health Bites

    Posted Feb 11th 2014, 11:01am by Jeanette Wang

    ... by fat cells that normally suppresses appetite and burns fat, but at chronically high levels can have the opposite effects.   Colds during pregnancy may lead to childhood asthma Women who have ... and Immunology. Researchers studied 513 pregnant women in Germany, and their 526 children. Questionnaires were done during pregnancy and regularly till the children were age five. Three in five families ...

  5. Lifestyle - Health - HEALTH BITES

    Health Bites

    Posted Dec 23rd 2013, 06:10pm by Jeanette Wang

    ... Jeanette Wang jeanette.wang@scmp.com Tomatoes may lower breast cancer risk Post-menopausal women who eat plenty of tomatoes and tomato-based products have a lower breast cancer risk, finds ... and sugar metabolism. For two separate 10-week periods, 70 post-menopausal women ate daily either tomato products with at least 25 milligrams of lycopene, or at least 40 grams of soya protein. ...

  6. Lifestyle - Health - HEALTH BITES

    Health Bites

    Posted Nov 26th 2013, 11:23am by Jeanette Wang

    ... Jeanette Wang jeanette.wang@scmp.com Sugary drinks raise cancer risk Post-menopausal women who consumed sugar-sweetened beverages, such as fruit drinks and carbonated soda, were more likely to develop type 1 endometrial cancer compared with women who didn't. The risk increased with consumption, with study participants reporting the highest intakes (60.5 servings a week) ...

  7. Lifestyle - Health - HEALTH BITES

    Health bites

    Posted Nov 19th 2013, 08:42am by Jeanette Wang

    ... analysed about 600 people, including 400 former elite Finnish male athletes- who had a 42 per cent lower risk of a precursor state to diabetes.   Women with asthma may face delay in becoming pregnant Women with asthma could take longer to conceive, but ultimately produce the same number of children as non-asthmatic women, according to a new Danish study in the European Respiratory ...

  8. Lifestyle - Health - HEALTH BITES

    Lab Report

    Posted Dec 02nd 2013, 12:50pm by Jeanette Wang

    ... from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brigham and Women's Hospital, coated nanoparticles with antibodies that unlocked receptors on the surfaces of the cells lining ...

  9. Lifestyle - Health - HEALTH BITES

    Health bites

    Posted Oct 08th 2013, 12:00am by Jeanette Wang

    ... & Prevention , a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. In a study of more than 73,000 post-menopausal women, those who walked for at least seven hours a week had a 14 per cent lower risk. Women who engaged in at least an hour of vigorous physical activity every day had a 25 per cent lower risk.   Grapefruit diet may offer remedy to kidney disease A grapefruit ...

  10. Lifestyle - HEALTH BITES

    Health bites: junk the juice

    Posted Sep 03rd 2013, 12:00am by Jeanette Wang

    ... between errands, for example - has comparable benefits. They found that each daily minute of higher-intensity activity lowered the odds of obesity by 5 per cent for women and 2 per cent for men. ... risk Researchers at American health care provider Kaiser Permanente have found a potentially easy and inexpensive way to identify women at risk of gestational diabetes: by measuring levels ...




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