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  1. A lonely girl tends a garden where the flowers can kill

    Posted Aug 01st 2010, 12:00am by John Millen

    ... John Millen The Poison Diaries By Maryrose Wood Based on a concept by the Duchess of Northumberland Published by HarperCollins ISBN 9780007354436 Alnwick Castle in the north of England, ... have lived for more than 700 years. The present duchess attracts many tourists to the castle because of her unusual hobby. The Duchess' fascination with and knowledge of poisonous plants ...

  2. Watch out for 'poison arrows'

    Posted Jun 26th 2010, 12:00am by Jin Peh

    ... or she is working? Is the person's desk pointing at you? Corners or edges that are pointing towards you- known in fung shui as 'poison arrows'- will cause sha chi or negative energy, resulting in agitation and irritation that may develop into aggression. Rearrange the desks so that they lie parallel and do not have any corners or edges pointing towards you. Failing ...

  3. Different bite of life

    Posted Jul 21st 2010, 12:00am by Staff Reporter

    ... that during their religious services the spirit of God is present, which allows them to speak in languages no one can understand, heal the sick, drink poisons and handle snakes. They believe they won't get bitten, and if they do, they will not seek medical help. Sometimes, they die. People in the Appalachian regions of the United States suffered during the change from an agricultural way ...

  4. Coal still king in the power stakes

    Posted Apr 21st 2010, 12:00am by Chris King

    ... air pollution- a serious problem here in Hong Kong. It also emits substances that are poisonous, such as sulphur dioxide and even mercury. now do this 1 Most coal was formed? a. 100-150 ...

  5. Statue of limitations

    Posted Jun 07th 2010, 12:00am by Michael Chugani

    ... on are not the same thing. The world has not forgotten Tiananmen, but it has moved on. Hong Kong shouldn't forget Tiananmen, but we mustn't mix it with our own politics. Doing that would only poison ... a hand in it. The seizure of the statues was a challenge to free expression in Hong Kong. We must confront it only from that angle. We must not bundle it with the Tiananmen issue; doing so would ...

  6. Dog poisoner returns to haunt Bowen Road

    Posted Dec 03rd 2010, 12:00am by John Carney

    ... John Carney The Bowen Road dog poisoner has struck twice in the past week. Andrew Pang Tze-on could only look on in horror yesterday as his four-and-a-half-year-old bitch, Pepper, died an excruciating death after eating poisoned food left on what is the most infamous road for dog lovers in Hong Kong. When he reported it to the police, he was told it was the second case in the past few ...

  7. environment

    Posted Mar 23rd 2010, 12:00am by Staff Reporter

    ... contain toxins 2 What can mercury do to people's health and the environment? i) Even small quantities affect the central nervous system ii) It causes skin infections iii) It can penetrate ... suffered chronic mercury poisoning? a. 500 b. 143 c. 9 d. 1 Think about 1 What questions should people be asking when thinking about buying a new green product? 2 How can we reduce ...

  8. Under the skin

    Posted Feb 28th 2010, 12:00am by Susan Jung

    ... originally imported into Europe, they were greeted with suspicion because, like the tomato, the potato is in the nightshade family and many such plants are poisonous. But potatoes eventually came ... the gases they give off can make potatoes turn green or grow small sprouts, which can be poisonous in large quantities. Some people like to categorise potatoes according to cooking methods ...

  9. Don't be long

    Posted Mar 17th 2010, 12:00am by John Millen

    ... 1 to have a list as long as your arm a. to have a list of important things to do b. to have an endless list of anything 2 to be long in the tooth a. to be pleased about something b. to be old, often too old, to do something 3 to take the long view a. to look at something through very strong glasses b. to think about the effects something will have in the future, not just in the present ...

  10. Bacteria

    Posted Apr 19th 2010, 12:00am by Chris King

    ... Of course, it is true that bad bacteria in food can poison us. Everyone experiences eating something 'bad' at some point. That's bacteria our body does not want. But we also ... pneumoniae. Another nasty bacteria you have probably heard of is E coli. Most E coli are harmless and we have them in our stomachs, although some cause food poisoning. E coli is a risk especially ...




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