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  1. people's republic of desire

    Posted Jan 28th 2004, 12:00am by Annie Wang

    ... the CEO of a big corporation is more attractive than being a civil servant, but in China, a high-ranking government position means power, respect and perks like riding in motorcades, paid ... Annie Wang Lulu's new boyfriend, Ah-Du, is a young, ambitious Beijinger who dreams of becoming a high-ranking official. He has promised Lulu he will marry her once he reaches the rank ...

  2. people's republic of desire

    Posted Mar 24th 2004, 12:00am by Annie Wang

    ... of the 1960s in America. I'd listen to The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, hang out in Berkeley with authors, beat poets and political activists. There would be a lot of love, passion and sex ... true,' Niuniu says ruefully. 'It seems like a totally different world.' Then she turns to CC: 'What about you?' 'I'd like to live in China during the Tang ...

  3. people's republic of desire

    Posted Jun 23rd 2004, 12:00am by Annie Wang

    ... before.' 'Of course not,' says Beibei. 'We don't want our friend to leave us. And anyway, life in China is great now. Look at Niuniu. She's really talented, and she came ... married somebody else secretly while still courting her. Then, she lost her job as an editor at a fashion magazine because of office politics. So, Lulu wrote a novel about her love affair ...

  4. people's republic of desire

    Posted Jan 14th 2004, 12:00am by Annie Wang

    ... problem that will soon fuel a burgeoning self-help industry in China is the number of contradictions in people's lives. At a time when women are redefining their role in society, displaying ... required little more than showing up and displaying the right political attitude. It was a time when six people were assigned to do the job of one, and yet you still couldn't get anyone ...

  5. people's republic of desire

    Posted May 26th 2004, 12:00am by Annie Wang

    ... Lulu says. 'I think in China there are so many women who compete for one position or one man. We have to learn to hate each other or make alliances to survive. We three makes a strong ...

  6. people's republic of desire

    Posted Jun 16th 2004, 12:00am by Annie Wang

    ... are all the rage in China. And, if you can strategically reveal your brand name label without being too obvious, you're sure to attract plenty of attention. 'Miss Ting always wears ... shoes. Aren't they darling?' Niuniu can see by Xiao Mei's face that she isn't aware of Miss Ting's ignorance about all the brands she mentions. Xiao Mei nods politely ...

  7. Party's supremacy versus the constitution

    Posted Feb 25th 2004, 12:00am by Nailene Chou

    ... a heated debate in the Communist Party over its supremacy as the ruling party. The National People's Congress will almost certainly ratify amendments to the constitution at its annual session ... a socialist democracy and working in the people's interest, the original goals that have fallen by the wayside because of the party's chequered history since 1949. The idea that the party ...

  8. People's republic of China

    Posted Aug 04th 2004, 12:00am by Frank Ching

    ... of blindly focusing on growth, the emphasis is on 'people-centred development'. Mr Wen, in his report to the 10th National People's Congress in March, said he would 'make ... by the People's Daily as 'a human-centred scientific concept of development featuring humanistic governance and comprehensive, co-ordinated and sustainable development of the economy ...

  9. people's republic of desire

    Posted Jan 07th 2004, 12:00am by Annie Wang

    ... Annie Wang It's been five years since CC returned to China. But the Hong Kong-born, Oxford-educated returnee still hasn't succeeded in going native. 'Sometimes, coming back to China feels like time travel,' CC tells Niuniu over lunch at a Japanese restaurant. 'It's like living in Hong Kong 20 years ago. It's so hard to find people who are at my ...

  10. people's republic of desire

    Posted Mar 31st 2004, 12:00am by Annie Wang

    ... Niuniu's eyes to a harsh world beyond the neon lights of Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. She wants to discuss everything she's seen of the rural people's poverty and their daily struggle ... independent, too strong-willed, too well-educated.' C.C. wonders if, perhaps, China just has a shortage of men. Niuniu, who has been quiet, finally opens her mouth. 'No,' she says. ...




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