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  1. Magazines - 48hrs - SEE/HEAR

    Art house: Japanese wartime occupation in Devils on the Doorstep

    Posted Mar 26th 2014, 11:35pm

    ... and a collaborationist Chinese translator (Yuan Ding) into Ma’s care. Ma, his pregnant lady friend (Jiang Hongbo) and his fellow villagers are stuck between a rock and a hard place, facing certain death ...

  2. Magazines - Post Magazine - TRAVEL

    Destination: Shaxi, Yunnan

    Posted Aug 30th 2014, 11:31pm by CHRIS BARCLAY

    ... to read the inscriptions on a dusty stone tablet in the wall. Guanyin shared the hall with shrines to the guardian god Yama, his consort, Yami, and Bodhidharma, the patriarch of Chinese Buddhism. ... but there was no one to be seen. A month after having returned to our home in Chiang Mai, Nam became pregnant. At first I made no connection between this and the temple, but eight months later, after the birth ...

  3. Magazines - Post Magazine

    Fleeing Uygurs caught using Rohingya trafficking networks are stuck in limbo

    Posted Jul 19th 2014, 10:53pm by GABRIELLE PALUCH

    ... just shy of 95km away. More than half of the group were women; two were heavily pregnant and eventually gave birth in Thatchai's immigration detention centre. Many of the children were ... with no travel documents but they did have Chinese bus tickets. Chinese embassy charge d'affaires Zhang Yiming, who also visited the group, told American broadcaster Voice of America that his ...

  4. Magazines - 48hrs - EAT/DRINK

    Gluten-free options are on the rise in the city

    Posted Mar 26th 2014, 11:35pm

    ... a wheatand other grain-derived protein that gives dough elasticity. “I look like I’m a couple of months pregnant. I go up 5kg overnight and I can’t put my jeans on. The difference is like day ... Al-Issa says. “When you go to a Chinese restaurant, even if you have steamed vegetables, they’re cooked in the same water that they use to steam dumplings, which are all made with wheat.” Refusing ...

  5. Magazines - Faces - BEAUTY PROFILE

    Kyoto story

    Posted Apr 23rd 2013, 12:00am by TAMA LUNG

    ... for perfect skin. Victoria Tsai just may have found it- in the faces of Japan's famed geisha. "I didn't know anything about geisha, I didn't speak Japanese, I was pregnant ... and lack of sleep. Whether they're 20 or 80, the skin is truly porcelain-looking." An American of Taiwanese-Chinese descent, Tsai is no stranger to Asian beauty. Her mother ran a luxury ...

  6. Magazines - Post Magazine - Food & drink

    Yum cha

    Posted Jul 21st 2013, 12:00am by VIVIAN MAK

    ... these buds are called " bai hao yin zhen" in Chinese and "silver needle" in English. The white tea, however, is more commonly known as " shou mei"- " shou" meaning longevity and " mei" eyebrow. The name refers to the eyebrow of an elderly person and the needles do indeed resemble silvery white eyebrows. In Chinese culinary philosophy, ...

  7. Magazines - 48hrs - SEE/HEAR

    Director Flora Lau strikes humane tone in feature film debut

    Posted Nov 20th 2013, 10:29pm by EDMUND LEE

    ... Chen's character, who happens to be her chauffeur, faces tougher predicaments: as an immigrant with a wife (Tian Yuan) who is pregnant with her second child back on the mainland, the increasingly desperate man must walk a tightrope between the government's one-child policy and Hong Kong's tightening immigration controls on pregnant mainland women. Although some Hongkongers ...

  8. Magazines - Post Magazine - DESIGN

    Neutral territory

    Posted Jul 28th 2013, 12:00am by Jane Steer

    ... of the colours you put with it, so it looks cooler next to the blue chairs, for example. It’s soothing. Even my mother likes it – and grey is not a particularly good colour for Chinese.” The 1,890 sq ft ... and maximise the space without losing the colonial ambience that had appealed to the couple in the first place. Time was not on their side, however: Wong was pregnant with their second child and wanted ...

  9. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Then & now: paradise found

    Posted Nov 25th 2012, 12:00am by Jason Wordie

    ... local norms matter little. Millennia-old Chinese attitudes to homosexuality all come into play here. Historically, as long as males reproduced one's sexual proclivities mattered little. Silence and hypocrisy dictated the rest- and still largely do in that part of contemporary Hong Kong Chinese society not systemically infected by American-influenced Christian fundamentalist ...

  10. Magazines - 48hrs - GO

    10 things to do in Langkawi

    Posted Jan 15th 2014, 10:51pm by NICHOLAS YONG

    ... Dayang Bunting This is one of the must-see spots. Tasik Dayang Bunting, or the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden, is a freshwater lake on the island of Dayang Bunting, the second largest island ... that the offspring of two genies died and was interred in the lake. Ever since, it has been said that the lakewater can help barren women become pregnant. Scurrilous legends aside, you can park yourself ...




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