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  1. Comment - Insight & Opinion - LEADER

    US and China must keep politics out of business

    Posted Oct 20th 2014, 05:08am by SCMP Editorial

    ... will be undertaken. Authorities, who have launched a review of the sale, worry a facelift would give an opportunity for Beijing to install secret surveillance devices. Such politicisation shows how much ...

  2. Comment - Insight & Opinion - LEADER

    Testing times for Sino-US military relations

    Posted Aug 28th 2014, 04:01am by SCMP Editorial

    ... SCMP Editorial Testing times for military relations Every South China Sea story has two sides, it seems. In the latest, the US Navy claims a Chinese J-11B fighter jet engaged in "Top Gun" antics as one of its P-8 Poseidon surveillance planes was on a routine mission 220km east of Hainan Island. The American version is that the J-11B's "dangerous" manoeuvres ...

  3. Comment - Insight & Opinion - LEADER

    US lawmakers should act to stop indiscriminate spying

    Posted Jul 07th 2014, 05:17am by SCMP Editorial

    ... laws and policies. The court's ruling has implications for debate and legal challenges over surveillance and mobile phone tracking by the US National Security Agency. President Barack ... for civil liberties. The US' top court took the right path with mobile phones by putting privacy first. So, too, should legislators. The US has to end its mass, suspicionless, surveillance ...

  4. Comment - Insight & Opinion - LEADER

    After the Snowden affair, our basic rights still need safeguarding

    Posted Jun 13th 2014, 03:42am by SCMP Editorial

    ... illusions about the sanctity of privacy in the cyberage. The surveillance targets ranged from ordinary citizens to corporations to foreign leaders. The National Security Agency had direct access ... conversations on its networks in the 29 countries where it operates in Europe and beyond. Thanks to Snowden there is a greater awareness of government surveillance and data collection. But a year later ...

  5. Comment - Insight & Opinion - LEADER

    World must help to contain Ebola

    Posted Aug 01st 2014, 03:55am by SCMP Editorial

    ... Kong's health authorities have stepped up surveillance and prepared contingency plans in the event of the Ebola virus appearing in the city. Having jumped the species barrier, probably from fruit ...

  6. Comment - Insight & Opinion - LEADER

    US cannot hide behind excuses

    Posted Jun 16th 2013, 12:00am by SCMP Editorial

    ... justice will then be served. So after American surveillance whistle-blower Edward Snowden revealed that Hong Kong computers had been hacked for years, the public rightly expects the government to take it up with the US. The breadth and depth of the surveillance on Hong Kong can only be a matter of guessing at this stage. In an exclusive interview with this paper, the former CIA ...

  7. Comment - Insight & Opinion - LEADER

    Drone invasion needs regulation

    Posted Jul 13th 2014, 03:25am by SCMP Editorial

    ... SCMP Editorial Drone invasion needs regulation Drones, for most people, are the unmanned aerial vehicles that the US uses for surveillance and missile attacks in terror-prone parts of the world. But these war-ready machines comprise only a tiny percentage of the market, with most being in the hands of users ranging from amateur photographers to university researchers. Hong Kong ...

  8. Comment - Insight & Opinion - LEADER

    US technology giants push back on snooping and urge restraint

    Posted Dec 15th 2013, 04:14am by SCMP Editorial

    ... and Apple, have jointly published an open letter to the US Congress and President Barack Obama urging strict new limits on government surveillance. The companies not only argue that the cavalier ... surveillance of internet and other electronic means of communication directly undermines the constitutional rights and liberties of US citizens and hurts relations with other peoples. Of course, ...

  9. Comment - Insight & Opinion - LEADER

    US now needs to mend diplomatic fences

    Posted Nov 02nd 2013, 12:34am by SCMP Editorial

    ... aggressive defence, such as US lawmakers' recent claims that the National Security Agency's telephone surveillance programme has "saved thousands of lives" ... figure in Europe. It is still not clear when President Barack Obama learned of the surveillance, just that it was he who ordered a halt to it. All nations spy on each other, including close ...

  10. Comment - Insight & Opinion - LEADER

    US judge's ruling on NSA data grab's constitutionality changes spy debate

    Posted Dec 19th 2013, 03:44am by SCMP Editorial

    ... for opponents of secretive surveillance programmes that have flourished unfettered since the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. Authorities, as in any country, should protect their citizens ... Surveillance Court had determined on 35 occasions that the agency's phone data collection programme was legal. A California federal judge last month rejected an attempt to restrict ...




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