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  1. Let's take a photo

    Posted Feb 04th 2009, 12:00am by John Millen

    ... 3 It's too dark. You will have to use the________________. 4 Make sure you don't scratch the________________ when you clean it with that old cloth. 5 Oh, no! My camera's just shut down. The________________ must be dead. 6 Are you going to take a________________ of me wearing my new hat? 7 Oh, the photo's not clear. It's________________. 8 Use the________________ then you can ...

  2. The difference between 'if' and 'when'

    Posted Oct 28th 2004, 12:00am by John Millen

    ... into these sentences. I will call you _____ I've found my mobile phone. (certain) 2. Kit will be very angry _____ he finds out what you have done. (certain) 3. Yee will be very embarrassed _____ she finds out what you have said. (doubt) 4. I will be at the airport _____ your plane arrives. (certain) 5. I will wait inside the cinema _____ it starts raining. (doubt) 6. My hair will be blonde ...


    Posted May 24th 2006, 12:00am by John Millen

    ... It's time for you to MOVE ON. Josh: hat's what everyone says. They all tell you the best thing to do after you've been dumped is to MOVE ON. But nobody tells you how to do it. How can you MOVE ON when you feel so bad? Simon: know it can't be easy. Josh: I see her every day at school. I wish I could MOVE AWAY to another town, but how can I do that? I've made up my ...

  4. Don't turn your nose up

    Posted Nov 25th 2009, 12:00am by John Millen

    ... Written by John Millen Nose out the answers Can you nose out the meanings of these nosey nouns? 1 a nose cone a. the front part of a spaceship, aircraft or missile b. a pointed hat ... 5 You are really getting up my nose 6 Keep your nose clean 7 Keep your nose out of my business, please 8 Keep your nose to the grindstone a. Don't engage in an act of anger or revenge ...

  5. Rain, rain, go away!

    Posted Nov 14th 2008, 12:00am by John Millen

    ... event is postponed because of rain 5. a rain gauge a) an umbrella b) a device for measuring rainfall 6. a rain mate a) waterproof trousers b) a fold-up plastic hat to wear when it rains 7. ... the bad weather spoil the tennis match? 4. You seem determined to go to your ex-boyfriend's wedding. 5. Would you like to go to the cinema sometime next week? It's my treat. 6. You ...



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