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  1. News - World - SPACE

    Nasa awards US$6.8b to Boeing and SpaceX for space shuttle replacements

    Posted Sep 17th 2014, 08:39pm by NYT

    ... Station. The space agency chose not to return to the winged space shuttle design, electing instead to build vehicles that would be lifted into space atop a rocket, travel to the space station ... cost-effective. It could also prove Musk's theory that space travel doesn't need to be so expensive. For the same work, SpaceX said it needed US$2.6 billion from Nasa; Boeing requested ...

  2. News - World - SPACE

    Nasa spacecraft, designed to take man to Mars, rolled out ahead of debut test flight

    Posted Sep 12th 2014, 09:12pm by Reuters

    ... space shuttles that will allow astronauts to travel beyond the International Space Station. A test flight with crew aboard is set for 2021. Nasa intends to use the rocket and Orion to fly ...

  3. News - World - SPACE

    45 years later, astronaut Buzz Aldrin reflects on the moon landing

    Posted Jul 21st 2014, 04:51am by WASHINGTON POST

    ... and also hoped President Barack Obama would use the anniversary to announce new ambitions for Nasa and human spaceflight. Aldrin wants to see humans travel to Mars — and stay, permanently, ...

  4. News - World - SPACE

    Voyager makes history by travelling into space beyond the sun

    Posted Sep 14th 2013, 12:00am by Reuters

    ... Reuters in Cape Canaveral, US Scientists are able to confirm, thanks to 'a lucky gift from the sun', that Nasa spacecraft has left the solar system and reached interstellar space Voyager goes beyond the final frontier Scientists have debated for ...

  5. News - World - SPACE

    Nasa duo plans faster-than-light starship called Enterprise- of course

    Posted Jun 19th 2014, 10:29pm by WASHPOST

    ... was working on a potentially groundbreaking idea that could allow space travel faster than the speed of light. Yes, as in Star Trek. And now, to boldly go where no designer has gone before, Mark ... is that such a ship could allow travel to interstellar space in a matter of weeks rather than, say, centuries. And the science behind why it might be possible is truly mind-boggling especially considering ...

  6. News - World - SPACE

    Dragon V2 capsule from SpaceX is first entry in race to build successor to space shuttle

    Posted May 30th 2014, 09:36pm by AFP

    ... Agence France-Presse in Los Angeles Dragon V2 craft is first US has built for manned space travel since end of shuttle programme, with its makers targeting a launch by 2017 New space race up and running A sleek white spacecraft that its makers hope will restore Americans' ability to send people into orbit has been unveiled by the private company SpaceX. The capsule, ...

  7. News - World - SPACE

    Really want to go for a spin? Try planet Beta Pictoris b

    Posted May 02nd 2014, 01:23am by Reuters

    ... the basics such as what they are made of and how they travel around their stars. "Only if we know more about other planets- like temperatures, atmosphere and rotation- can we tell how unique our ...

  8. News - World - SPACE

    Scientists discover new dwarf planet 2012 VP-113 beyond distant Pluto

    Posted Mar 27th 2014, 10:57pm by NYT

    ... moving glints of reflected sunlight off these distant bodies. That means the sun's rays have to travel all the way out to this dark, cold interplanetary fringe and then come all the way back ... belt objects and was not involved in the new discovery. Astronomers will have to find far more of these distant objects and catch enough of them travelling in the same direction before they can ...

  9. News - World - SPACE

    Astronomers capture huge meteorite smashing into moon

    Posted Feb 25th 2014, 09:48pm by GDN

    ... The Guardian Record-breaking meteorite smashes into moon Astronomers have captured the moment a lump of rock slammed into the moon with so much force that the bright flash could be seen from earth with the naked eye. The 400kg meteorite, travelling at 61,000km/h, punched a fresh crater into the moon's surface some 40 metres wide in what is thought to be the largest lunar ...

  10. News - World - SPACE

    Rosetta spacecraft in comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko landing bid

    Posted Jan 21st 2014, 10:58pm by AP

    ... spacecraft at 1.18am Hong Kong time- a message that had to travel 800 million kilometres. The probe triggered a series of "Hello World!" tweets in different languages. Dormant systems ... by the 45 minutes it takes a signal to travel to and from the spacecraft. The wake-up call was one of the final milestones for Rosetta before it makes its rendezvous with comet 67P in the summer. ...




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