Egypt balloon tragedy

Nine Hong Kong tourists were among 19 victims killed in Luxor, Egypt, when a hot-air balloon burst into flames as it was descending during a sightseeing tour on February 26, 2013. Only the Egyptian pilot and a Briton survived the early morning accident. The other victims, out of 20 passengers, were from France, Japan, Britain, Hungary and Egypt. 

Family members of the victims in the air balloon accident in Luxor, Egypt attend a mourning ceremony at the crash site. Photo: Sam Tsang

Travel agents have duty of care when sending clients abroad

Hot-air balloon flights have long been an adventurous way to get a bird’s-eye view of far-flung landscapes. But when things go wrong it can be catastrophic, as we are reminded by an inquest into the deaths of nine Hongkongers in Egypt in February 2013.