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China cuts reserve requirement ratio as growth slows

PBOC's move could help economic restructuring. Photo: Reuters Update

The central bank has cut the level of cash that banks must hold, in the second such action this year that highlights the leadership's concerns after the first quarter saw the slowest economic growth since 2009.

Monday, 20 April, 2015, 1:18am 1 comment More on Chinese Economy

Man ‘pretending to be doctor carried out medical check-up on Hong Kong hospital patient’

Mo Man-yip escorted by police to Kowloon court. Photo: SMP Update

A man accused of masquerading as a doctor at a public hospital made his first appearance in court on Saturday.

19 Apr 2015 - 9:46am

Too little, too late: curbs on China visitors slammed as Hong Kong parallel trading booms

Busy traders in Yuen Long yesterday.Photo: Jonathan Wong

While visitors seem relaxed about new travel curbs, local residents fear it is too little, too late and shopkeepers worry about their livelihoods.

19 Apr 2015 - 9:18am 7 comments More on Parallel trading

Boiled rice and fish guts: Manny Pacquiao’s rags to riches tale hits silver screen

Buboy Villar, the 17-year-old actor playing Manny Pacquiao in the movie, 'Kid Kulafu'. Photo: AP

As a dirt-poor rookie boxer in the southern Philippines, Manny Pacquiao started his phenomenal rise to global fame not as the Pacman, but as 'Kid Kulafu'. Click to see movie trailer.

19 Apr 2015 - 9:58am More on Manny Pacquiao

Former Hong Kong international school teacher awaiting child sex trial found hanged in cell

Hilton Munro was found hanged in his cell. Photo: SMP

A former teacher at a prestigious Hong Kong international school has died in a Philippine prison while awaiting trial on child sex charges.

19 Apr 2015 - 9:33am 1 comment

Judge says FBI ruse violated rights of former Macau junket operator Paul Phua Wei-seng

Some US$13 million in bets had been wagered from the villas of Paul Phua, according to the FBI.

The FBI violated the rights of a former Macau junket operator when agents had posed as internet repairmen to get into his Las Vegas suite to search for any evidence of wrongdoing during the World Cup soccer tournament last summer.

19 Apr 2015 - 5:25am 7 comments

Police officer's wife freed after 10-month jail ordeal on drug charges in Australia

Chan Miu-fong signed for delivery of an illegal drugs shipment. Photo: EPA

The wife of a Hong Kong police superintendent has been cleared after spending 10 months in a Sydney prison awaiting trial for her involvement in an illegal drugs shipment.

19 Apr 2015 - 2:42am 1 comment

Obama: Trade politics difficult, but opposition helps China

Opposition to trade efforts favours China, says Obama

US President Barack Obama defended his efforts to broaden commerce with Asia and Europe and warned that opposition would give China a leg up in setting the rules for international trade.

19 Apr 2015 - 7:50am 15 comments More on Barack Obama

Silk Road plan 'may take decades'

President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote address last month focusing on China's vision for the Silk Road initiatives. Photo: Kyodo

The threat of terrorist groups and uncertainty over China's future economic growth are some of the challenges facing the nation's New Silk Road initiatives, says a scholar at a Chinese government think tank.

19 Apr 2015 - 3:45am More on Chinese Economy

China's Premier Li urges reluctant banks to support real economy

Premier Li Keqiang says downward pressure on growth is increasing.

Premier Li Keqiang has urged banks to do more to support the real economy, as mainland authorities grow frustrated with their reluctance to lend for productive investment.

19 Apr 2015 - 3:45am 1 comment More on Chinese Economy

Beijing's bid to rein in speculators could hit Hong Kong stock market

The Hong Kong stock market is expected to take a hit after Beijing announced measures to rein in speculation, after the country's benchmark index doubled in 10 months to its highest level since March 2008.

19 Apr 2015 - 6:00am 8 comments

University of Hong Kong plan to enforce student visits to mainland China sends ripples across campus

A policy under which University of Hong Kong undergraduates will spend time on the mainland as part of their degree has sent ripples across the campus amid fears some students will lose out.

19 Apr 2015 - 9:06am 80 comments
Residents examine a field polluted by the sewage discharge in the Baoan district of the city. Photo: CFP

Shenzhen reservoir and river hit by sewage spill

19 Apr 2015 - 3:45am 1 comment
Vice Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao says the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is open and inclusive and China welcomes Asian countries and nations outside the region taking part. Photo: Xinhua

Japan and US 'welcome' to take part in AIIB

19 Apr 2015 - 3:45am 5 comments
Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Raymond Tam says a meeting between lawmakers and Beijing will not be a negotiation or for testing each other's bottom line. Photo: Dickson Lee

Pan-democrats would not seek compromises in Beijing reform talks, says minister

19 Apr 2015 - 6:01am 13 comments
Car trader Paul Law predicts sales at his company could be 10 per cent higher than normal for this time of year. Photo: Nora Tam

As Hong Kong's stock market surges, are the good times back for big spenders?

19 Apr 2015 - 11:09pm 1 comment
Shigeaki Koga, former Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry bureaucrat, warned of growing self-censorship among Japan's already-tame media. Photo: AFP

Japanese journalists are being muzzled under Abe, warns media commentator

19 Apr 2015 - 1:37am 2 comments
Hundreds of protesters in Seoul clash with riot police.Photo: AP

'Salvage the Sewol ferry': Police use water cannons as hundreds clash with police during ferry protest

19 Apr 2015 - 1:31am
Afghan security forces members inspect the site of a suicide attack near a new Kabul Bank in Jalalabad. Photo: AP

Islamic State claim first major attack in Afghanistan as 33 are killed in suicide blast

19 Apr 2015 - 1:55am
Investigators at a Chinese cafeteria in Rio.Photo: Heriberto Araújo

Urban slavery and filth uncovered as Brazil cracks down Chinese migration

19 Apr 2015 - 10:08am 1 comment
A school bus burns in Reynosa after gunfights erupted.Photo: AFP

Three dead after six hour gun siege in Mexico town after drug lord's arrest

19 Apr 2015 - 1:28am
The USS Independence photographed in 1946 and, below, a sonar image of the wreck off the coast of California.Photos: Associated Press

Sunken US aircraft carrier which survived two atomic bomb blasts is rediscovered in the Pacific

19 Apr 2015 - 1:02am 2 comments

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Luna makes technologically enhanced bed covers that chart your sleep cycle.

Sleep smart for a better night's rest

Forget Silicon Valley: Innovators drawn to ‘dream city’ Shenzhen to make things happen

Forget Silicon Valley: Innovators drawn to ‘dream city’ Shenzhen to make things happen

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Typhoon trauma: time to stop forcing young TV reporters to provide an outdated service

Typhoon trauma: time to stop forcing young TV reporters to provide an outdated service

17 Apr 2015 - 11:31am 11 comments
Hong Kong government's forecast shows Hong Kong will have 100 million visitors by the start of the next decade, most of them mainlanders. Photo: David Wong

Enough already! Numbers prove doomsayers wrong

15 Apr 2015 - 1:33am 13 comments

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Liberal studies helps open minds, rather than creating radical students

Members of Scholarism, including Joshua Wong, took part in a hunger strike during the Occupy protests last year. Photo: Dickson Lee STEPHEN CHIU TREVOR LEE

Months after the end of the Umbrella Movement, its student leaders continue to shine in the international media spotlight. Alex Chow, Lester Shum and Joshua Wong have become household names.

Apparently, today's students are playing a vanguard role in protest politics.

19 Apr 2015 - 11:00pm 1 comment


As Hong Kong's stock market surges, are the good times back for big spenders?

Car trader Paul Law predicts sales at his company could be 10 per cent higher than normal for this time of year. Photo: Nora Tam Amy Nip

The surging stock market has brought quick rewards for some people - who are only too happy to treat themselves. But will it last?

19 Apr 2015 - 11:09pm 1 comment

Harry's View


Guo Boxiong was one of the Central Military Commission's vice-chairmen. Photo: Reuters CORRUPTION

China 'decides to investigate' retired general Guo Boxiong

Beijing has decided to launch an investigation into retired military chief Guo Boxiong and has briefed serving top brass on the general's alleged problems, two independent sources close to senior military officials said.

20 Apr 2015 - 1:21am More on Xi Jinping's anti-graft campaign


(Left to right) Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and former prime minister Manmohan Singh.Photo: AFP INDIA

India's opposition Rahul Gandhi leads thousands of farmers in protest over land law

India's beleaguered opposition leader Rahul Gandhi yesterday led thousands of angry farmers in a protest in the capital against Prime Minister Narendra Modi's controversial overhaul of laws on land-buying.

20 Apr 2015 - 12:50am


A migrant is helped as she disembarks from a Coast Guard boat in the Sicilian harbour of Palermo. Photo: Reuters

EU emergency summit called after 700 migrants feared dead in "worst ever" Libya boat sinking

As many as 700 people were feared dead after a fishing boat packed with migrants capsized off the Libyan coast overnight, in what may be one of the worst disasters of the Mediterranean migrant crisis, officials said.

20 Apr 2015 - 12:37am

China Insider

A competitor has her hair measured during the competition in Xinjiang province. Photo: China News Service CHINA DIGEST

Around the nation: Chinese woman celebrates victory thanks to her 1.8-metre-long locks

5 Apr 2015
An unlicensed hearse collects a body from outside a Beijing hospital. Photo: The Beijing News CHINA DIGEST

Around the nation: fury as Beijing hospitals help unlicensed hearses overcharge grieving families

3 Apr 2015
The Palace Museum, in Beijing's Forbidden City, has banned tour guides from using loudhailers since the start of the month to help cut down on excessive noise. Photo: Xinhua CHINA DIGEST

Around the nation: tour guides find their loudhailers forbidden in Beijing's Forbidden City

2 Apr 2015 2 comments
A couple drew attention when they wore only their bathing suits while they took a shower in  Wuhan's landmark Guanggu Square. Photo: Sina Weibo CHINADIGEST

Around the nation: couple bath in famed fountain

1 Apr 2015 2 comments
A resident suffered only a slight injury after biting into this Chinese steamed bun containing a 3cm-long needle. Photo: SCMP Pictures CHINA DIGEST

Around the nation: Supermarket’s steamed meat bun offers less-than-tasty treat

31 Mar 2015
Hundreds of butterflies were trampled to death by Chinese children as they rushed to watch the insects being released during a shop's promotional event in Chengdu. Photo: SCMP Pictures CHINA DIGEST

Around the nation: stampede by excited Chinese children kills hundreds of butterflies

30 Mar 2015
The ancient Chinese coins dated back to 1,000 years ago. Photo: CHINA DIGEST

Around the nation: Chinese farmer finds 60kg of ancient coins buried deep in family land

29 Mar 2015
A Henan woman who was abducted when she was five is looking for her original family, but can't remember any details of her true identity. Photo: Sina Weibo CHINA DIGEST

Around the nation: woman searches for family 30 years after her abduction

27 Mar 2015
Chinese villager Zheng Hongkang, a keen amateur painter, adds a dash of colour to his life-sized clay model of President Xi Jinping. Photo: CHINA DIGEST

Around the nation: President Xi Jinping’s ‘China dream’ fires model maker’s imagination

27 Mar 2015
A huge crowd of Chinese women running in a marathon delayed the race after surrounding a handsome Chongqing policeman they thought looks like Hong Kong actor Wallace Chung (right). Photos: SCMP Pictures CHINA DIGEST

Around the nation: Chinese policeman's looks bring female marathon runners to standstill

25 Mar 2015
Couples stage 'naked weddings - covered in body paint and wearing only their underwear - at Hangzhou Paradise amusement park in Zhejiang province as a rejection of modern Chinese values, which places greater focus on money than love. Photo: SCMP Pictures CHINA DIGEST

Around the nation: Chinese 'naked' wedding celebrations focus on love - not money

24 Mar 2015 3 comments
Du Xiutang, 53, with his 300,000 yuan home-made submarine, which he says needs new investment if it is to set sail... and submerge ... as intended. Photo: SCMP Pictures CHINA DIGEST

Around the nation: Chinese DIY inventor searches for investors to help finish submarine

23 Mar 2015
Traffic backs up on a Kunming highway. Photo: CHINA DIGEST

Around the nation, March 23, 2015

22 Mar 2015
A finless porpoise is treated to a physical exam at Poyang Lake, Jiangxi province. Photo: Xinhua CHINA DIGEST

Around the Nation: Chinese teacher shot in head was mistaken as wild boar; free physicals for porpoises

20 Mar 2015


PBOC's move could help economic restructuring. Photo: Reuters ECONOMY

China cuts reserve requirement ratio as growth slows


The central bank has cut the level of cash that banks must hold, in the second such action this year that highlights the leadership's concerns after the first quarter saw the slowest economic growth since 2009.

20 Apr 2015 - 1:18am 1 comment More on Chinese Economy

Stock investors on edge over China's policy moves


Hong Kong investors who spent the weekend weighing up the impact of a market-dampening move by mainland regulators are likely to draw comfort from another policy action yesterday that is seen as spurring the economy.

19 Apr 2015 - 11:53pm


A construction project at a property in Shanghai. Photo: Reuters CHINA

Glorious Property Holdings posts 2.99bn yuan in losses, from 292.1 million yuan profit in 2013


Hit by sinking profit margins and lower property sales, the highly-geared mainland China developer Glorious Property Holdings said on Thursday it recorded a loss of 2.99 billion yuan last year, in a sharp reversal from the 292.1 million yuan profit it rang up in 2013.

16 Apr 2015 - 10:38am

Kaisa Group’s public float at 20.81pc, below regulation 25pc


Embattled mainland China developer Kaisa Group Holdings said on Thursday its public float fell to 20.81 per cent, below the minimum regulatory requirement of 25 per cent.

Trading in Kaisa shares has been suspended since March 31, 2015.

16 Apr 2015 - 9:11am

C-Suite Q&A

15 Apr 2015

More Property news

The Hong Kong Sinfonietta in action (file picture from HK Sinfonietta).

From dark times to high spirits, Hong Kong Sinfonietta shines

It was an embarrassment of riches for classical music fans over the weekend, with the city's two flagship orchestras performing back to back in concert halls across the harbour.

20 Apr 2015 - 12:36am

Review: The Piano Guys never fail to surprise

19 Apr 2015

Alex Garland's Ex Machina is a man-vs-machine tale that sides with the machines

18 Apr 2015
Shrimp and saffron risotto with prawns

Susan Jung's shrimp and saffron risotto with prawns

Seafood stock is an easy-to-make, inexpensive and delicious building block for dishes that celebrate the fruits of the ocean.

18 Apr 2015 - 10:07pm More on Susan Jung's recipes

Spice up your weekly brunch with Hushup's secret shenanigans

18 Apr 2015

Food book: Dining with the Maharajas - a Thousand Years of Culinary Tradition

18 Apr 2015
Photo: Bloomberg

Top 5 mobile and instant messaging apps in China


Mobile instant messaging has become a key battleground for control of China’s internet services market.

19 Apr 2015 - 10:01pm

Top 5 most secretive and mysterious research universities in China

19 Apr 2015 1 comment

Earth was hit by a Mercury-like body early in its history, study finds

19 Apr 2015



Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes celebrates his win next to third placed teammate Nico Rosberg following the Formula One Grand Prix of Bahrain at the Sakhir circuit near Manama. Photo: EPA

Lewis Hamilton wins, Kimi Raikkonen steals second from Rosberg in Bahrain Grand Prix

Defending world champion Lewis Hamilton made light of brake problems and a seamless switch from champagne to rose water on Sunday after winning the Bahrain Grand Prix to extend his lead this year’s title race.

20 Apr 2015 - 2:01am More on Formula One 2015

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A police officer stands next to the apartment believed to belong to Germanwings co-pilot Lubitz in Dusseldorf. Photo: Reuters News

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