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Chinese equity markets entered bear territory on Monday after falling over 20 per cent since touching a 7-year peak on June 12. Photo: Reuters

Shanghai, Shenzhen markets buck downward trend to finish sharply higher after volatile trading day


Chinese stocks rallied late to close sharply higher on Tuesday, after early losses were wiped out by the central bank’s 50 billion yuan cash injection and the state pension fund announcing it would possibly pump up to 1 trillion yuan into equity investments.

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Paramilitary police inspect machines used to manufacture crystal meth following a raid in Boshe village, Lufeng, in Guangdong province. Photos: SCMP; Corbis; Xinhua
Post Magazine

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As the government claims drug abuse among young Hongkongers is in decline, frontline workers are reporting an epidemic in crystal-meth use. Fifty years after a landmark book shone a light on substance abuse in our city, the issue is again being swept out of sight, writes Stuart Heaver


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