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Once upon a time in Hong Kong: 110 years of South China Morning Post

From the rickshaws and the start of the electric tram, the South China Morning Post has covered the stories of this city. There's been typhoons and the occasional tiger, revolution and riots, war and the World of Suzie Wong, skyscrapers and stock market surges, to name a few. Here, they are seen through the eyes of our senior infographic artist Adolfo Arranz.

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 07 November, 2013, 11:01am
UPDATED : Monday, 23 December, 2013, 12:54pm




The South China Morning Post is celebrating 110 years of coverage. Here, events in the city are played out in an interactive infographic by our senior artist Adolfo Arranz.


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Where is 1989 June 4th 1 000 000 protest against China?
Where is 2003 500 000 protest ?
Where is resignation of Tun Chee Wah?
Where is the Anti National Education protest?
I can literally manure my garden wit the contents of this news paper.
Thanks SCMP for this little graphic history lesson. I enjoyed it .
sudo rm -f cy
Unfortunately, there's no real competition when it comes to Hong Kong English news.
I hope to read the resignation of the chief executive Leung Chun-ying in a not too distance future.
This paper is a joke.
SCMP has sold their soul. shame, they used to report the news objectively. now they're a shameless PR machine.
AA Good job with the graphics.
For those who read Chinese, please check out Apple Daily. They didn't include important years like '89 protest etc.
Worth a good read.
hey the beatles visit was in 1964 not 66!! so simple to check facts, guys
Yep! It sure is a simple matter to check the facts! Try it sometime! In this case, both reports are true: the Fab 4 stopped over at Kai Tak in '64 to avoid some death threats, but returned in '66 to perform in concert--according to Google and Bing sources!