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Infographics Disputed Territories

China's territorial disputes: who owns what?

Far from being a problem confined to the past, territorial disputes remain a thorny issue on parts of China's vast borders, threatening to overshadow relations with its neighbours. Here we examine some of the key disputes that still plague the frontiers of China. Click on the countries in the key for more information.

PUBLISHED : Friday, 13 December, 2013, 6:02pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 31 December, 2013, 10:40am



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It seems to me clear that the South China Sea belongs to China, at least as far as a warning system is concerned. BY THE MAP I infer it. Why are all these countries, particularly the B52 US foray, contest this? I do not understand.
As can be seen, the next world war is ripening. For now, however, we can sleep in peace. An ancient vision says: "At the appointed time [the king of the north] will return back." (Daniel 11:29a) The return of Russia in this context means crisis, which will eclipse the Great Depression. Not only the eurozone will break up, but also the European Union and NATO. Then many countries of the former Eastern block will return to Russia's zone of influence. Russian troops will be stationed here again.
Russia, however, will not return everywhere. "And will enter into the south [Georgia], but it will not be as the former [1921] or as the latter [2008], for the dwellers of coastlands of Kittim [USA, in the beginning without Britain] will come against him, and he will be dejected, and will go back." (Daniel 11:29b, 30a)
What will induce the "king of the north" to enter into the south? Jesus said: "For nation will rise against nation", as in 2008, and then ...
Moses writes: "But ships from the direction of Kittim [US Navy], and will afflict Asshur [Russia] and will afflict Eber [remaining enemies, including Iran and China]." (Numbers 24:24a).
This will be a nuclear war. (Revelation 6:4)
All the details of this vision are being fulfilled from the time of ancient Persia, in chronological order.