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The Occupy Central debate: for or against?

Occupy Central is a civil disobedience movement which could see Hong Kong's financial district paralysed by protesters demanding democratic elections.

PUBLISHED : Friday, 29 August, 2014, 7:47pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 30 October, 2014, 10:18am


To help explain the differing opinions and terms being used, we asked several of those involved — either for Occupy Central, or against it — a few questions.

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Occupy Central

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during british rule x100 yrs, there had been no election at local or central level in HK. governors, cabinet members, legistlative council members all were selected by london, even british military commander was in legistlative council, so as some the british taipans/cronies. and it is a joke watching young people flashing british colonial flags,demanding "democracy. after 1997, there has been new election at local, and central level. world has been changing rapidly, with more countries being hostile to china, trying to sabotage whatever china does. although i am pro-democracy, i don't see any logic of harming HK reputation/business by so called nonviolent demonstration which definitely will trigger some violence ( just see the previous physical attack on legistlative building, and bashing of policemen), if british tried to safe guard its self interest, geopolitics for past 100 yrs, i don't see why china cannot bother to safe guard its interest. in fact, every country did the same, so as USA, US supports/protects/endorses autocratic g regime in middle east, they all are authoratiative except for israel, and if elected governments were overthrown such as in pakistan, thailand, ukraine, egypt USA would endorse it as long as it is for US interest. so wake up , students, there is no such thing as election meeting international standard, every power use any system as it sees fit. I endorse a careful progress to full democracy in HK without copying yellow/red shirt turmoil
Nobody is against freedom and democracy, but we HKers have to find our own ways which best suitable to us. I do not understand why some people want everything now, and claim that if the Chinese and HK governments do not meet their demands, then they will kidnap Hong Kong and ruin everything we have built in the past decades. Why are they in such hurry? Democracy is a game of negotiation, compromise and moving forward. Nobody expects Hong Kong will have a perfect political system overnight! I also do not trust those politicians who use Democracy and Freedom to advance their own personal interests. We all grow up in the education system which the British built for us, and accept the Western values when we grow up. But when we grow older, we cannot help but thinking if just adapting the Western system wholly into Hong Kong is the best to our interests. Look at Taiwan, Philippine and Ukraine. Lee Kuan Yew also received his British education as a elite and then went to Britain for his advance degree. But when he returned to Singapore and became the head of the government, he decided to take his own path, and did not just adapt the Western system wholly. Yelling Democracy and Freedom everyday do not solve anything. We in Hong Kong have many other problems, economy, housing and many others. Have those politicians sat down and solve any of those problems? No, all they do is fighting among each others everyday.
The beauty of HOng Kong is it does allow people to express their discontent through more rigorous acts. Whether we agree or not, we should respect their right to it but those involved in civil disobedience should also bear any consequences arisen from their act rather than blaming the government to charge you at the end. In practical terms, occupy central is proved to be useless as a bargaining chip against CCP. CCP is preparing for the worst in Hong Kong and it is only the Hong Kong people to suffer. A lot of pan dem and their supporter may be too politically naïve to believe CCP will grant HK western style democracy especially under public pressure. Put us in the CCP shoes, if CCP abide to public pressure in Hong Kong, it will set a very bad example for their governance in China. China is now strong enough to afford a diminishing Hong Kong.
under british rule 100 yrs, there were no political freedom/rights, So?? did british manipulate and ruin HK?? ( so stop the rheoretic that china wants to ruin Hk, they could have ruined HK 10 x over already if they decided to, in past hardcore communist needed HK for hard currency, now HK needs their currency/cash, Canton ports can replace HK transport port, shanghai can replace HK as financial hub for example), british government never budge to HK people's political demand either for 100 yrs. nowadays HK has much more political and press freedom than british time
If this Agnes Chow of Scholarism (?) is a representative of her generation's political views, then heaven help us. We are raising a bunch of naive, silly and self important young folks whose English leaves much to be desired. Let's hope they grow up and mature.
If you think Agnes Chow and her Scholarism kids are brighter than most of the adults in HK politics, then HK has an even bigger problem than all this Occupy /no Occupy issue.
Dai Muff
The Scholarism kids are brighter than most of the adults in Hong Kong politics, on both sides, and not too fearful to call a spade a spade. probably the main reason you do not like them.
When the British did it their way and no other way. All of you had to listen and comply.
When China is doing it, .... it is wrong....no democracy....no acceptable.....so get the students involved and occupy central....
What is wrong with the picture? What makes the British and American superior? Only listen to the Brits and Americans and no one else? Look at Scotland!! They don't even want to have anything to do with the Brits any more..... What is the message here??
I've just read all the comments below. None of them comment on any of the videos in this piece. Let's get back on topic, everyone. The subject is whether or not we want real democracy and, if so, how. Most of the pro-establishment speakers in these videos frankly looked a little unhinged from reality, or at least appealing to Hong Kongers to accept the lowest, least-appealing outcome. My view: anyone should be able to stand for CE; anyone guilty of spying or related anti-Beijing activities should be weeded out through existing laws; and the Communist Party ought to stand fir election under its own name and find out how much real support it has among Hong Kong people.
to correct you, not "during", but at the end of the British era, just before they retreated.