INFOGRAPHIC: Marathon effort

INFOGRAPHIC: Marathon effort

24 Jan 2015

More than 73,000 athletes will take to the city’s streets tomorrow for the Hong Kong Marathon. Hong Kong, like almost all major cities, suffers from air pollution.

INFOGRAPHIC: The great divide

INFOGRAPHIC: The great divide

23 Jan 2015

Most of the world has become more unequal in recent years, with the trend set to continue.

POLLUTION INTERACTIVE: China's air pollution in 2014

INTERACTIVE: China's air pollution in 2014

27 Jan 2015 Interactive

Growing air pollution levels in China's cities have been the flip side to these past decades’ economic boom. Through official data collected from the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) website, we take a look at one of the country’s gravest public health hazards.

MILITARY INTERACTIVE: Slow boat to China — the long, troubled journey of the Varyag from the Black Sea to Dalian

INTERACTIVE: Slow boat to China — the long, troubled journey of the Varyag from the Black Sea to Dalian

20 Jan 2015 5 comments Interactive

In this interactive, Joe Lo illustrates the path that the former Soviet aircraft carrier, the Varyag, took to get from Ukraine's Black Sea Shipyard to Dalian in China's Liaoning province, taking more than two years to complete.


INFOGRAPHIC: Dead reckoning

19 Jan 2015

Cardiovascular disease claims three out of 10 people as the world’s leading cause of death. In wealthy countries, seven people in 10 die aged 70 or over, mainly through chronic diseases.

ACADEMICS INFOGRAPHIC: Studying in capitalism’s capital

INFOGRAPHIC: Studying in capitalism’s capital

6 Jan 2015

China is the nation with by far the most students in the network of American universities. Spectacular growth in recent years means China accounts for almost 30% of foreign students in the US

POLICY ADDRESS Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying attends a press conference on his policy address at Central Government Offices, Tamar. Photo: K. Y. Cheng

INTERACTIVE: Behind the soundbites from Leung Chun-ying’s 2015 Policy Address

14 Jan 2015 Interactive

After an eventful autumn, Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung gave his third policy address on Wednesday January 14, 2015. Readers can use this interactive graphic created by the SCMP to search and visualise terms appearing in policy addresses since mid-2005. You may use quotes for finding full phrases.


INFOGRAPHIC: Pollution profile

5 Jan 2015

On November 12 last year, China and the United States announced new targets for greenhouse gas emissions as part of a deal to help curb global climate change.