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  • Jul 13, 2014
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Icon of the Year 2013: Meet the people who made waves this year

31 Dec 2013

Hong Kong Television Network chief Ricky Wong Wai-kay led the poll this year, while the teacher who stood up to police over anti-riot tactics in Mong Kok Alpais Lam Wai-sze snagged Woman of the Year. Other icons such as Edward Snowden and even the Rubber Duck also made the cut.


Under the sea: How shrinking ice will change Hong Kong's shorelines

27 Dec 2013 11 comments Interactive

The earth contains almost 21 million cubic kilometres of ice, or about 2 per cent of the planet´s water. As the earth warms, the ice is shrinking.


The lunar mission: how China landed on the moon

31 Dec 2013 2 comments

Chang'e, with its rover Yutu, or Jade Rabbit, has become the moon's first visitor in 37 years, following Luna 24, which graced its surface in 1976. In landing the craft, China has joined the ranks of countries that successfully landed on earth's natural satellite, following the United States and Soviet Union. Here, we marvel at the space voyages that have taken us one step closer to deciphering the distant mystery that has intrigued mankind for millennia.

Disputed Territories

China's territorial disputes: who owns what?

31 Dec 2013 2 comments Interactive

Far from being a problem confined to the past, territorial disputes remain a thorny issue on parts of China's vast borders, threatening to overshadow relations with its neighbours. Here we examine some of the key disputes that still plague the frontiers of China. 


Tapping into China: The companies forcing out the gas tucked deep inside the earth’s layers

26 Nov 2013

As conventional natural gas becomes harder to extract, energy companies are now tapping so-called unconventional reserves – shale, coal bed methane, and a product called tight gas – that cling to rock, sandstones and coal. Companies use a variety of techniques to force out the gas tucked deep inside the earth’s layers.


Storm watch: Weather patterns in the western Pacific over the past five years

26 Nov 2013

Is it a depression, a storm or a typhoon? It all depends on the strength of the wind. Here we analyse these weather patterns in the western Pacific over the past five years, including Super Typhoon Haiyan, which has just devastated the Philippines.