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  • Jul 26, 2014
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INFOGRAPHIC: A historical look at aviation accidents (2014)

Friday, 25 July, 2014, 11:05pm 1 comment

With over 700 dead in six accidents in little more than six months, 2014 is likely to be one of the worst years in recent history for commercial aviation.


INFOGRAPHIC: In the wake of MH17, aerial routes between Europe and Hong Kong between July 6 and 18

21 Jul 2014 1 comment Interactive

If you flew between Western Europe and Hong Kong recently, did your aircraft pass over a war zone?


INFOGRAPHIC: Ding! Ding! Hong Kong's historic trams celebrate 110th anniversary

21 Jul 2014

Known affectionately by their reassuringly familiar chime, the city's historic trams have graced our frenetic thoroughfares since 1904. As they celebrate their 110th anniversary, the trams have remained as relevant as ever through constant modernisation, at the same time keeping fares affordable for all.


INFOGRAPHIC: Shot down over Ukraine

18 Jul 2014

A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 airliner en route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam crashed near Donetsk in eastern Ukraine on Thursday. 


INFOGRAPHIC: In men's tennis, how big are the Big Four?

10 Jul 2014 Interactive

This interactive graphic takes a look back at 15 years of tennis through the Grand Slam matches of four greats.

World cup 2014

INFOGRAPHIC: Why China is the real winner at the World Cup

14 Jul 2014 2 comments

While Germany beat Argentina in the World Cup final, the real winner is China. The country may not have sent a team to Brazil but its manufacturing might ensured China's presence was felt at every level of the tournament.


The hunters and the hunted

1 Jul 2014

On April 1 the International Court of Justice in The Hague ordered Japan to stop whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary around Antarctica.


Multimedia: Edward Snowden in Hong Kong

25 Jun 2014 Interactive

South China Morning Post senior reporter Lana Lam was the only Hong Kong journalist to interview Edward Snowden during the whistle blower's brief stay in the city in 2013.

World cup 2014

World Cup 2014: Visualisation of group matches results and goals scored

12 Jul 2014 3 comments Interactive

Our visualisation condenses the information of rankings into an interactive graphic that shows how group matches were decided.


Everything you need to know about ivory poaching

7 Jan 2014 6 comments

A ban was imposed in 1989 banning the international trade in ivory to reverse a rapid decline in the population of African elephants. But to no avail.