Rose earrings set with rubies and emeralds, and Flora and Fauna ring with rubies, emeralds, aquamarine, pink sapphires and diamonds.

How James Ganh is transforming the world of bespoke jewels

Ganh, Chinese but based in London, says his pieces – such as a Ferris wheel that transforms into a pendant, lapel pin and wedding rings – are appreciated by adventurous clients in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Middle East

Horoscopeswith Shelley von Strunckel


 As an earth sign, you’d always rather base decisions on sound knowledge. Yet, you’ve recently had to rely more on hearsay. Judging by the powerful link between communications planet Mercury and sensible Saturn in your birthday chart, you’ll have access to exactly the variety of information you prefer. This is wonderful at any time, but with so much in transition, you’ll be relieved that, at least, you know what’s what..

Chinese Zodiacwith Edwin Ma Lai-wah


Auspicious for: hairdressing
Bad for: travelling, marriage, burial
Auspicious direction: east
Lucky colours: bronze, gold
Lucky numbers: 6,7


24 Apr, 2017


24 Apr, 2017


24 Apr, 2017