TVB actors Tisha Law and Otto Chan marry

TVB personalities Otto Chan and Tisha Law fell for each other during rehearsals, and the curtain has gone up on their new life together

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 27 October, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 27 October, 2012, 3:38am

When Otto Chan asked Tisha Law to marry him, he was so nervous that rather than get down on one knee, he fell on his knees.

Former Mr Hong Kong pageant winner Otto and stage actress and businesswoman Tisha married on October 4 in the ballroom of the Holiday Inn Golden Mile in Tsim Sha Tsui. More than 600 guests attended, among them celebrity friends such as Connie Chan Po-chu, Liza Wang Ming-chun and John Chiang.

"It felt like a TVB actors' party as well," said Tisha, daughter of veteran TVB actor Law Lok-lam. "Everyone had so much fun that we didn't leave until almost one o'clock in the morning."

The couple met three years ago on the set of a play they were appearing in.

"At first I thought he was a little childish and too playful," Tisha recalled. "He's definitely not the one always following orders on the set."

They got to know each other better during rehearsals, which went on for a couple of months before the show premiered.

"While we waited on set during rehearsals we talked a lot about our lives. Otto struck me as being different to the person I first thought he was," Tisha said.

She was moved by Otto's charity work and natural kindness.

"He might come across as a party person but in fact he doesn't go clubbing, nor does he smoke and he does a lot of voluntary work," she said.

After knowing each other for about six months, they decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Despite winning Tisha's heart, Otto also needed approval from her father, who Otto had worked with. "It took a while for my dad to accept him," Tisha confessed. "He didn't think he was the right guy for me but now he really loves Otto."

On Tisha's birthday in March she was expecting a quiet celebration with friends at an art-jamming session, Instead, Otto sprung a surprise.

"He gave me boxing gloves as a birthday gift. I thought it was a joke and that he wanted me to exercise more," Tisha said. "But when I tried them on, I felt something like a box inside. In the box was a ring."

Their friends began cheering as the ring box emerged from the glove. Otto was so nervous that he fell to his knees. "I was crying and laughing at the same time when I said yes," Tisha said.

On their big day, Otto was so emotional his hands were shaking.

"Otto isn't always the most romantic person but he remembers everything I've said. He's not only good to me but also my friends and relatives," Tisha said. "I know he'd put me first in any situation. That's all that matters."

The couple have just returned from a week in Koh Samui and are planning a longer honeymoon in Europe.