After a prank-filled proposal, Vivi So and Steve Kwok tie the knot

Vivi So planned a secret party for her boyfriend, Steve Kwok, but with Facebook's help he turned the tables on Vivi, giving her the shock of her life

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 08 December, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 08 December, 2012, 4:09am

Vivi So was determined to give her boyfriend, Steve Kwok, the surprise of his life when she secretly arranged a birthday party for him. As it turned out, the surprise was on her, and she ended up with a sparkling rock on her finger.

Vivi, a supervisor at a cosmetics shop, and Steve, a sales manager for an IT company, tied the knot on October 28 at the Banquet Icon Chinese restaurant in Kwun Tong in front of about 300 friends and relatives.

The couple met in 2010 when they were both working in IT. Vivi said that looking back it was like destiny that she met Steve because she only worked at the company for two months.

"I got the job because my mother introduced me to it. I was in the beauty industry before that and again afterwards, so it feels like I was there just to meet Steve," she joked.

Steve liked Vivi the moment he set eyes on her. From day one, he tried to impress Vivi by bringing her breakfast and snacks to the office, and paying her extra attention.

In April last year, Vivi booked a cafe for Steve's birthday and secretly invited his friends to the party. She ordered a cake decorated with the badge of his favourite soccer team. When she got to the café, however, she was astonished to see that many of her own friends were there. Steve was on one knee, a bouquet of roses in one hand and a ring box in the other. He told her that his birthday wish was to be married to her.

"You can imagine how surprised I was. It was like a prank within a prank," Vivi said.

It took Steve about four months to prepare his proposal. He took time to befriend Vivi's pals through Facebook, then invited them to witness the wedding proposal. It was during this time that he learned about Vivi's surprise party and decided to play along.

Vivi was overwhelmed by the gesture and speechless when Steve asked her to marry him. But she soon pulled herself together and said yes, making Steve a very happy birthday boy.

"Steve really knows how to express his feelings about me, so I always feel that I'm on his mind," Vivi said.

"He also remembers everything my parents and friends say, and always keeps his promises."

The couple are planning a honeymoon in the Maldives.

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