Breitling opens its first boutique in Causeway Bay

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 17 January, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 17 January, 2013, 3:47am

After a conspicuously long wait, Breitling watch lovers finally have a dedicated boutique space to shop in. Breitling's powers that be were in Hong Kong on Tuesday for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at its Causeway Bay boutique.

Among the smart suits sipping champagne, one man stood out. Decked in fighter pilot uniform, Jacques Bothelin is leader and manager of the Breitling Jet Team. The watch brand has long been associated with aviation, and its team has performed in air shows from Paris to Zhuhai .

Bothelin was quick to point out that the pilot-chronograph connection was not a publicity stunt. "We work very much on timing and synchronisation. With just a glance, you must get all of the information you need. These are truly instruments for professionals," he said.

"In air shows … we really have to be accurate. At some air shows, if you're late by more than 30 seconds, you're diverted. If it's more than one minute, you're not allowed to fly the following days. We really play by the second hand."