Prince Charming takes a weight off her mind

Miu Lam thought her potential beau Chung Lau was too fat when she met him, but his resolve to prove his love won her heart

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 02 February, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 02 February, 2013, 4:52am

Miu Lam thought Chung Lau was too fat when she met him, and had absolutely no interest in him. But Chung's determination to be her boyfriend made Miu see beyond the superficial.

Miu, a customer service manager, and Chung, an assistant clerical officer, registered their marriage on December 12 and celebrated on January 11 with friends and relatives by hosting a Chinese banquet in Jordan.

The couple were introduced two years ago by a mutual friend. Chung was immediately attracted to Miu but she was turned off by his 100kg figure. So when he later asked Miu out on a date, she turned him down several times.

Frustrated, Chung turned to the friend who had introduced them and was told the hard truth. On hearing the upsetting news, he grew determined to lose weight.

Within a few weeks he had shed about 5kg, but worked out so hard that he twisted an ankle.

All Chung could think about was seeing Miu, so he mustered up the courage to ask her out again. This time she said yes.

"When I saw him limping towards me, I felt sorry for him and was curious to know what had happened," Miu said.

Chung was too embarrassed to tell her the truth, and said only that he had injured himself while exercising.

Miu later discovered the real reason and confronted Chung. "I was working out because I really like you and I wanted to look good for you," he told her.

Miu was so moved that she decided there and then that she wanted to be his girlfriend.

"When I was growing up, I always fantasised that my Prince Charming would be tall and handsome, but nowadays I don't think that matters," Miu said. "Chung is the shoulder I can always lean on."

Chung was overwhelmed when Miu agreed to be with him.

"I was so excited that I couldn't believe it was really happening," he said.

Miu quickly started to take Chung more seriously and it wasn't long before she started hearing wedding bells.

"He's really considerate," she said. "I'm terrible at directions so Chung printed out maps for me if I was going alone to a place I'd never been before."

In December 2011, Chung planned a surprise proposal.

He invited Miu to see a movie. Before he arrived at the cinema, he called Miu pretending to have stomach ache and said he would be late. When Miu entered the auditorium, she was stunned to see a video Chung made was being screened. In the final scene, Chung asked Miu to marry him.

"I was shocked and moved," she said. "He even invited my friends to witness the proposal. I said yes immediately."