Dry script, bad editing leave you cold

PUBLISHED : Friday, 14 September, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 14 September, 2012, 9:43am


This action-thriller has high aspirations. On the one hand, it seeks to be a work of poetry; on the other, it wants to be a new Bourne Identity.

The title has nothing to do with the film. "Cold", I assume, means "merciless", and "light of day" suggests a revelation. But for such a dry, scriptless film, director Mabrouk el-Mechri should have skipped the metaphors and stuck to good old-fashioned action.

American Will (Henry Cavill) arrives in Spain for a family holiday. A boating trip turns to disaster when the entire family except Will and his dad, Martin (Bruce Willis), are kidnapped. It turns out Martin is a CIA agent and snatched a briefcase with highly sensitive material from Israeli terrorists. Now he's prepared to make an exchange: his family for the briefcase.

This film is a jumbled mess of double-crosses and revelations that lack a significant connection to the main storyline.

On top of that, it's sloppy. For example, they forgot to add subtitles for the Spanish voices, and the editing is messy. And what's with the plot line about Will's bankrupt business? I'm guessing it's a transition point for the ending, perhaps leaving the door open for sequels. Let's just hope I'm wrong on that.

Barry C Chung