New inspiration: comics concert

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 11 June, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 11 June, 2013, 10:35am

New Inspiration: Comics Concert

Hong Kong Arts Centre

Reviewed: June 7

As part of its 35th anniversary celebrations, the Hong Kong Arts Centre brought to the city Concerts de Dessins, or "comics concert", a popular event at the annual Angouleme International Comics Festival in France.

New Inspiration: Comics Concert featured local and French comics artists and musicians in performances that combined live drawing with music.

This cross-cultural, cross-media programme was an extension of a trip earlier this year when the arts centre presented Siuhak and Little Thunder at the Angouleme event, which is the largest of its kind in Europe. They were the first Asian comic artists to have performed at the festival.

For the concerts here, Siuhak and Little Thunder were joined on stage by their French counterparts, Charles Berberian and Mathilde Domecq. Providing the live music were Areski Belkacem (below), Patrick Baudin, Dondieu Divin, Bobby Jocky and Yan Pechin.

What they had in store for the audience was simple but heart-warming. A tale of a little boy waking up at midnight in Paris, who then embarks on a fantastic journey to Hong Kong, before bringing home new friends.

Instead of telling a story verbally, the four artists took turns to illustrate the narrative on a paper that was projected onto a large screen.

Sitting through the concert was like reading a comic book. The page-by-page presentation led the audience through a visual and audio journey with a sense of anticipation. The musicians' improvisation was seamless.

Illustrations from Siuhak and Little Thunder were detailed, showing off the iconic features of Paris and of Hong Kong, as well as funny facial expressions of their characters. Domecq and Berberian had a more minimalistic approach; with clean, yet captivating drawings. Still, the four comics artists complemented each other.

The performance was highly entertaining and bursting with creative energy.

Mabel Sieh

New Inspiration was sponsored by Create Hong Kong and is part of Le French May