Bridge Puzzle


PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 30 June, 2015, 3:20pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 25 November, 2015, 12:00am

Opening lead: king of diamonds

This deal resulted in a huge swing in a team-of-four match. At the first table, South got to six spades on the bidding shown. East’s impudent two-notrump bid was the “unusual notrump,” showing length in the minor suits.

West leaped to five diamonds in response but gave up the ghost after North bid six spades. This was poor strategy on West’s part, since a vulnerable small slam was imminent, and seven diamonds doubled could not cost much.

West led a diamond and shifted to a club. Declarer won, drew four rounds of trumps, cashed the king of hearts and led a heart to the 10 to score 1,430 points.

The heart finesse was certainly logical. Declarer reasoned that East, who had shown up with no high-card strength at all, probably had 6-6-1 distribution for his two-notrump bid.

The bidding was spirited at the second table also, but here East became declarer at six diamonds doubled. South led the king of clubs and then made the fatal error of shifting to the queen of spades instead of a heart. East ruffed, trumped a club, cashed the ace of diamonds and ruffed a second spade.

When he next trumped another club in dummy and the suit divided 3-3, his 10-7-6 all became tricks. So, after trumping another spade, he cashed three clubs, discarding all three hearts from dummy to make six diamonds doubled for a score of 1,090 points.

His team thus gained 2,520 points on one deal, having made a slam in both directions to achieve one of the rarer feats in bridge.


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Bridge Puzzle

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