Out of My Closet: Thierry Chow

PUBLISHED : Friday, 21 September, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 22 October, 2012, 7:08pm

Despite spending 12 of her formative years in Canada, there's something unmistakably Hong Kong about Thierry Chow. It's not just that her father is well-known fung shui master Chow Hon-ming, it's her funky and eclectic style.

Chow loves vintage wear, but it's not just great finds that make her personal look. She says she's always been a daydreamer. "I'm a visual person; every single thing I see every day inspires me. I can look at anything and see interesting bits of useful fashion-related information."

While living in Canada, Chow studied illustrating at Sheridan College in Ontario. "I always loved fashion, but I don't always read magazines or attend events," she says. "I have a pretty good sense of what's about to be trendy. When I was young, I wanted to be a fashion designer, but now the most important thing is freedom to create."

What Chow makes now are miniature dolls and objects, inspired by her illustrations. They're rooted in her fashion style, which includes her confessed obsession for collecting miniatures, especially in earring form.

Chow goes for a simple but stylish look. "When I'm feeling casual, I go for more colour," she says. "If I feel more girly or I'm going somewhere nice, it's vintage and classy, but personalised with a sharp-coloured lipstick."

Her favourite accessories include a bag she bought on a trip to Italy a couple of years ago, which she now carries everywhere. "It's high quality, it hasn't worn at all and looks great with everything," she says. She also loves vintage watches. "They're an awesome match to my outfits, whether casual or classy. I just adore the look."

Petite Chow has some rules about dressing herself. "My mum used to buy my school uniform two sizes too big, so I could wear it for longer. Even then, I cared about how I dressed! I hate wearing clothes that are out of proportion with my body" she says.

Another rule is to wear the right pair of shoes or bag with an outfit, especially if you're going for a classy look. For Chow, that means having plenty of options. "I have a lot of clothes. I buy a bit here and a bit there, and my closets are full. I have suitcases everywhere," she says.

Chow and three friends work on the Nappahead fashion blog nappahead.blogspot.hk "We're each from different backgrounds, so we share ideas on trends, styling and shopping." Chow says.

The trio are also pooling their unwanted clothes, calling it the Nappahead Fashion Gala. They are getting extras from friends to sell at the Island East Markets in Quarry Bay from September 30. Some items might be restyled and altered, but others will be left untouched. The proceeds will go to charity.

Besides the blog, Chow is studying to be a fung shui master under her father. "I want to combine art and fung shui, design fung shui furniture and other items, which is what I'm looking forward to the most," she says.

For now, Chow is happy to sell vintage clothes. "There is usually nothing bad about old clothes. Every person and item has its fate; passing it on is just a part of the journey of destiny," she says.