As the mood takes him: Francisco Anton-Serrano

PUBLISHED : Friday, 08 February, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 18 February, 2013, 6:21pm

"When I meet a client I have to look slick, you know, dress the part … I don't want to look like a clown," says Francisco Anton-Serrano, the founder of Hong Kong-based photographic and production agency, Fast Management.

There's no chance of him looking like a clown. Take a peek into one of Anton-Serrano's wardrobes - he has four - and you'll find beautifully tailored suit jackets, crisp white shirts and a smattering of snug cashmere jackets.

"My colour palette is quite basic," he says. "I love navy jackets, white shirts and denim jeans. I'm a fan of Tom Ford and Lanvin, but just as happy in American Apparel or a top from H&M. I like to wear whatever makes me happy."

Anton-Serrano says he's reached an age where he wears clothes that suit his personality: "I'm 43, so want to look in the mirror and recognise myself. It's not about playing dress-up or following trends."

He was born in Spain and raised in Britain. "After business school, I went into banking for 4½ years, where I was stuck in contrived suits and ties. I hated it. In banking, you become a bit of a clone and, for a young banker, it was limiting. You expressed yourself through your ties or socks; it was always who had the most ridiculous socks. I left the industry."

Next stop was fashion PR, before becoming an agent for models and photographers. Anton-Serrano notes that he has spent a lot of time surrounded by fashion.

Today, he has the luxury of calling his spacious, sun-filled Mid-Levels flat his home and office. Comfort is his priority, he says. When walking his two bear-like chows, Barney and Oli, he wears sneakers, a sports cap, and shades.

"I have three pairs of Pierre Hardy high-top leather sneakers, one in pewter, green and navy. They're really comfortable and good for dog walking - and a cap and dark shades are a good disguise for the early morning shift."

Tom Ford is his designer of choice for formal footwear, but his fun side shines through in his Jimmy Choo Sloane slippers in "porno camo". "They have naked burlesque silhouettes hidden in the design," he says.

Most of his accessories have a sentimental value: a leather Fendi wristband came from a good friend, and a blue beaded wristband from his sister. There are aviators by Tom Ford, a funky pair of retro sunglasses from Kirk Originals ("I've had them for 20 years"), floral-inspired cufflinks from Matthew Campbell Laurenza, and bow-ties from Valentino. "I also have a ridiculous hat that I never wear. Maybe one day I'll work up the courage," he adds.

Bags include a pony-skin weekender by Yves Saint Laurent and a leather tote by Mulberry.

"I love shopping in Europe. In Paris, there's an amazing boutique called L'Eclaireur. In London, there are a lot of high-end options. I can't resist a visit to Top Shop, either."

He also admits to being a hoarder. "I hide things at the back of the wardrobe and then get excited when I rediscover them. I also keep favourite items for years.

"I've had this for eight years," he says, pulling out a pale-blue Burberry shirt in perfect condition. "I always look after my clothes. My mother was happy with me because I was so tidy."