Take 5: Fish balls

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 08 November, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 08 November, 2012, 9:52am

Bounciness is an unusual test for food, but it's a prerequisite for fish balls. Janice Leung springs into action

Ocean Ria White Fish Ball

These are small and white with a faint grey tinge to them. Moderately bouncy, they also have a rather floury, cloying texture. Although they taste quite strongly of fish, it's more the dried variety. They could do with a little less salt.

HK$10.90, ParknShop, citywide

Four Seas Fish Ball

While they don't really taste like fish, these have a satisfying umami flavour, no doubt due to the amount of monosodium glutamate added. They also taste quite peppery and have a porous yet elastic texture that makes them juicier than the rest.

HK$12.50, Wellcome and ParknShop, citywide

ECD White Fish Ball

These have a fine, mousse-like texture, with very small and evenly sized air bubbles. This keeps them bouncy, but they don't hold much juice. The flavour is incredibly bland, so they should be eaten with other fuller-flavoured foods or condiments.

HK$11.90, ParknShop, citywide

Figo Fish Ball

These really taste like they're made with fresh fish. They're dense, with just enough bounce and bite, and the texture is smooth, with a little juiciness. If they were slightly less salty and smaller, they would be perfect.

HK$16.90, ThreeSixty, Elements, Kowloon

Wo Fung Fish Ball (Original)

These are frozen rather than chilled, but do not require defrosting. This batch seemed to have freezer burn and had a distinct taste of day-old fish that was hard to like. The large amount of added salt didn't help, either.

HK$15.90, ParknShop, citywide