App of the Week: My Pain Diary

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 23 October, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 23 October, 2012, 10:01am

My Pain Diary: Chronic Pain Management


Rating 9/10

When I saw my doctor for a sore lower back in April, she wanted to know how long it had been painful. I didn't know for sure, but said that some days were worse than others, and sometimes even standing was agonising. She asked me what I'd been doing to cause this pain, but I didn't have an answer. It could have been because I wear heels, I carry a heavy backpack when I go hiking and I sleep in awkward positions. Unable to diagnose my problem, my GP gave me painkillers and told me to take things easy.

I was doing some research about back pain when I came across My Pain Diary. I'm the sort who monitors everything, from my food intake to my expenses, so I thought it might be helpful to keep track of my lower back pain, too.

From a broken ankle and arthritis to period cramps and even depression, My Pain Diary is designed to make pain management easier (no more notebooks and bits of paper to deal with) - and the app is such a pleasure to use. It lets you record the location of the pain, its category (throbbing, stabbing, dull, etc.), and intensity (on a scale of one to 10), and its triggers and remedies. You can even upload photos of any bruising, swelling or redness, and there is a handy notes section to record other important details.

The intuitive app then uses your input to help you identify trends, patterns and co-relations.

You can then print these records for your doctor, who can use this information to help you handle your pain.

After a few weeks of using My Pain Diary, I visited my GP again. Looking through my log, she suspected my back pain was due to a trapped nerve and suggested that my poor posture, coupled with carrying heavy loads, was to blame. Two physiotherapy sessions later, my back was healed. With this app, I realised that taking charge of your pain can be easy and fun.