App of the week: Hypnosis Customizable Pack

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 18 December, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 31 December, 2012, 5:15pm

Hypnosis Customizable Pack
Rating 8/10


This has been a particularly hard app to review. The first three times I tried to use it, I fell asleep within minutes of hitting the start button. I was once told by a hypnotist that the hardest people to hypnotise, besides those who didn't want to be, are those who are exhausted. I was.

The app is appealing in its flexibility. The first time you use it you can choose to listen to an introduction where the hypnotist, Benjamin DeFoor, puts aside several myths, explaining that you cannot be made to do anything against your own will and that you can always wake yourself up. It is recommended to listen to a session for at least three weeks to enjoy the maximum benefit.

The first stage of a hypnosis session is the induction, where you are guided into the hypnotic state, which is midway between being asleep and awake. This app offers four levels of induction - choose one based on how much time you can spare and your receptiveness to being hypnotised.

The next option in this app is the focus of the messaging you want to receive. There are 16 different goals, including assistance with weight loss, stopping smoking, attracting wealth and positive thinking.

Then you choose whether you want to wake up refreshed or continue into sleep. Finally, you select a music type: binaural waves, transcendence, a pure embrace and bliss.

At last, you get to start the session. To make sure I didn't fall asleep, I chose to listen to my fourth session while walking to work.

Hypnotised or not, taking time out in your busy day to listen to the messaging is probably beneficial. I have yet to be hypnotised by the app. Perhaps I need to get a good night's sleep first.