Play like a pro: a more stable golf swing

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 28 May, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 28 May, 2013, 10:19am


With Lam Chih Bing, Asian Tour professional

Many golfers dream of having a "perfect" swing. Constant practice at the driving range helps - but in this new era of golf, many top players are now concentrating on their fitness to gain that extra edge.

One of the most common mistakes by amateur golfers is that their lower body tends to move during the swing. This causes the golfer to lose balance, distance and also accuracy.

To remedy this, I do the "wood chop" exercise on a cable machine at the gym.

Step 1: Keep your legs apart and your hands straight. Remember that the lower body must not move during the exercise.

Step 2: From a low angle, shift your upper body strength to the mid-core and finish off at a high angle. Notice how similar it is to a golf swing?

Step 3: It doesn't matter if you are right- or left-handed; you must repeat the sequence on both sides.

Benefits: Most golfers move their hips when they swing so this exercise keeps the hips and pelvis stable as you rotate during the swing.

Suggested reps: Three sets, with 10 repetitions per side.