Health bites

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 18 February, 2014, 10:18am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 18 February, 2014, 10:18am

The chase is on

It's said that men love a chase - well, there's a challenging new one in town. The inaugural Prodigy Running Skirt Chaser takes place in Mui Wo on March 2 and will pit men against women over an 8.5 kilometre trail run. The women will be given an eight-minute head start and the winner will be the first runner - male or female - across the line. Organised by Lantau Base Camp, the race costs HK$180 per person plus a HK$100 donation to the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation. For details, go to

Manga message bears fruit

Japanese comic art, manga, could help promote a healthier diet among children, finds a pilot study done in two New York after-school programmes. Nearly 60 minority students of about 11 years of age were first given either a manga comic, titled "Fight for your right to fruit", or a non-health-related newsletter to read. After reading, they were offered the choice between fruit or an energy-dense snack (such as cookies and crisps). Sixty-one per cent of children in the comic group chose the healthy snack versus 35 per cent of the control group.

The study appears in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour.

Doubles happiness

Couples who go on a double date may draw closer to each other. New research found that high-self-disclosure interactions with other couples can increase feelings of passionate love. In two studies with about 150 couples, researchers used the "Fast Friends" activity, where couples answered basic "get-to-know-you" questions, then progressed to deeper, personal topics. In one study, couples who did the activity reported higher feelings of passionate love than those assigned to non-emotional small-talk. The second study found that how responsive another couple was to personal disclosure predicted the increase in passionate love following the Fast Friends task.