Horoscope: 21.10.2017

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 14 August, 2012, 10:20am
UPDATED : Saturday, 21 October, 2017, 2:28am

Today's birthday: If there’s a single message in your birthday chart, it’s that you must be frank in a number of situations, and with several individuals. In some cases, you’ll even need to take a tough line, and in a way that you’d ordinarily consider to be heavy-handed. Yet, you’re already aware that certain individuals respond only to this forthright approach. But not only will it end unwanted dramas, your relationship with the individuals in question will be far more cordial.

Libra: September 22-October 21 

Even seemingly urgent issues don’t need to be discussed the moment they arise. In fact, what you learn over time could prove helpful in coming up with decisions that everybody can live with.

Scorpio: October 22-November 20 

Judging by the recent series of planetary aspects to Uranus, planet of the unexpected, even the simplest of arrangements are likely to change and, many times, change again.

Sagittarius: November 21-December 20 

With so much going on in the heavens at the moment, there really is no such thing as a final decision. Rather, you and the rest of the world will be juggling appealing ideas and ongoing changes in circumstances.

Capricorn: December 21-January 19

Once you make a decision, it usually lasts. But with changes in circumstances being triggered by the current powerful planetary activity, the odds are slim that things will remain as they were first conceived.

Aquarius: January 20-February 18 

With certain situations moving swiftly, you’ll find that you must familiarise yourself with what’s happening, and make decisions about the future, often within hours.

Pisces: February 19-March 19

Being told that you’re about to be disillusioned may not sound like good news. However, there are a number of situations where you’re refusing to acknowledge certain facts. But these are important, as will become clear.

Aries: March 20-April 18

While, you may have initially regarded necessary changes as a nuisance, the more you learn, the more convinced you will be that they’re timely, if not urgent. The sooner you begin, the better.

Taurus: April 19-May 19

You’ve been concerned about one particular individual or arrangement for ages. Consequently, what you learn will be no more than a confirmation of the suspicions you’ve already been experiencing.

Gemini: May 20-June 19

As dull as the events that you’re facing may be, once you actually begin to explore them, you’ll realise that the circumstances and people involved are fascinating.

Cancer: June 20-July 21

The events of the past two weeks have been unsettling. Yet, your instincts have correctly said these were about breaking up old patterns. The next few days will reveal how right those feelings were.

Leo: July 22-August 21

Every once in a while, events arise that are so sudden, and are moving at such a fast pace, that you’ve no choice but to go along. That’s the case now.

Virgo: August 22-September 21

With several of the planetary heavyweights shifting into new positions this week, circumstances are bound to change, possibly often. To your relief, this is for the best.