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  • Apr 1, 2015
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Interior designers go wild as clients seek eccentricity

The owner of a home in Sai Kung had a specific request of his interior designer; to create a living space that was "fascinating".

1 Apr 2015 - 3:04am
A 395 sq ft Sheung Wan flat gets a modern monochrome facelift

Rooftop apartment has all the charm of a classic walk-up without the hassle.

28 Mar 2015 - 10:46pm
A 395 sq ft Sheung Wan flat gets a modern monochrome facelift

Theco-founder of design firmOne Space talks to Christopher DeWolf about surviving two financial crises and revamping the tradition banking hall.

28 Mar 2015 - 10:59pm
A 395 sq ft Sheung Wan flat gets a modern monochrome facelift

Whether for bathroom or dining table, we've got ways to brighten up your life.

28 Mar 2015 - 10:32pm
A 395 sq ft Sheung Wan flat gets a modern monochrome facelift

Spring in Hong Kong is when relative humidity peaks - and so does mould. Here's what to do to stop it and, if you don't, how to deal with the consequences.

25 Mar 2015 - 6:57pm
Five items to add to your home

Rock the Chinese zodiac with this hand-carved wooden beast. Think outside the box for meals with this colourful square rice cooker. And many more...

25 Mar 2015 - 9:42pm

A powerful mixture of increasingly sophisticated retail consumers and online shopping in China is forcing traditional retailers to reconsider the classic indoor commercial model in inventive new...

25 Mar 2015 - 6:00am


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Patricia Urquiola's unconventional designs not only capture the eyes but also the heart.

19 Mar 2015 - 12:15pm

Cabins may come in different styles, shapes and sizes, but they all provide escapes from the urban hustle and bustle.

18 Mar 2015 - 12:00pm

Why: This indoor/outdoor loveseat comes with cushions and a swivelling side table

How much: HK$87,105

Where: Dedon, 32/F, 248 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai, tel: 3952 8787


18 Mar 2015 - 12:14pm

Asian antiques have been given a modern setting in the Sai Kung villa of an expatriate entrepreneur.

14 Mar 2015 - 10:23pm

Whether a flask, plate, vase, bowl or money box, we've found something for you 

14 Mar 2015 - 11:00pm

All sorts of things go wrong around the home. Your key breaks in the lock. A water pipe springs a leak. That new light bulb is flickering. Finding a reliable handyman when you need one, however,...

13 Mar 2015 - 10:33am

Alison Chi tried, embarking first on communications studies in Paris, then real estate and hospitality in New York, before being drawn to interior design. Perhaps that is not surprising,...

13 Mar 2015 - 6:06am

12 Mar 2015 - 1:35pm

About four years ago, a couple in Shanghai decided to build a house in the style of a French chateau and began interviewing architects in China, all of whom pulled out a copy of Richard Landry's...

11 Mar 2015 - 6:00am

A pair of architects have used their Jardine's Lookout apartment to try out some unusual design ideas.

7 Mar 2015 - 8:36pm

For the past 25 years Tom Dixon has been turning out instant classics, from furniture and lighting to his more recent foray into the world of architecture and interiors.

Late last year the...

6 Mar 2015 - 6:10am

From incense burner to pen to a tea set, these objects of desire will brighten up your living space.


8 Mar 2015 - 3:00pm

From resin-mounted driftwood to light fittings inspired by splitting amoebas, we've got your decor needs covered.

6 Mar 2015 - 10:27am

Around the world, huge amounts of human energy are spent in the pursuit of sustainable cities. Beijing alone, intent on rehousing 100 million rural people in cities in the next six years, has set...

4 Mar 2015 - 6:00am

A couple realised their design dream with an open-plan layout that layers quirkiness onto a minimalist base.

28 Feb 2015 - 10:50pm

Born in Belgium to Hong Kong parents, the artist, who also goes by the name Caratoes, has been commissioned to decorate bars, restaurants and homes in the city for a couple of years.

28 Feb 2015 - 10:50pm

Lucite tray, HK$500, from Eclectic Cool, 5 Sun Street, Wan Chai, tel: 5699 6882.

28 Feb 2015 - 11:00pm

The co-owner of home decor company Latitude 22N and design company Julie & Jesse gathers inspiration from everyday life.

25 Feb 2015 - 10:46pm

Two avid cooks have defied Hong Kong interior norms by designing their Mid-Levels apartment around a wonderful gas stove.

14 Feb 2015 - 10:40pm

In a city of sky-high real estate prices and ever-dwindling square footages, affordable housing for many now means a flat smaller than 250 square feet.

4 Feb 2015 - 4:00am

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