Toybox 3-D televisions

PUBLISHED : Friday, 07 September, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 07 September, 2012, 10:58am

Sony KDL-55HX850 It's always a case of bigger is better if you want a 3-D fim to envelop your senses, and the Sony KDL-55HX850 (HK$34,880) is a good value way of doing just that. Its 55-inch LED panel offers convincing, clean 3-D thrills and spills - although you need to wear 3-D glasses - and it has an unusual, stylish design that appears completely frameless. Complete with built-in Wi-fi, a clip-on microphone-camera can even be added for Skype video calling.


Toshiba 55X3000H The only flat-screen television capable of screening glasses-free 3-D imagery is the Toshiba 55X3000H (HK$69,990). It also happens to be one of the most expensive. Measuring 55 inches, this LED screen also has the highest resolution available. Its millions of extra pixels produce an image equivalent to eight megapixels. It uses that level of detail, together with an innovative face-tracking camera, to deliver a 3-D image from whatever angle you choose to view from.

Sharp LC-70X55H For a truly big-screen experience at home, there's little more impressive than the Sharp LC-70X55H (HK$63,299). At 70 inches, this is capable of dominating any living space. It's equipped with a colour system that makes 3-D pictures brighter than on other televisions. You will need to don "active shutter" 3-D glasses for this one, and two pairs are included. A Wi-fi module makes it easy to stream music and video. It can also turn normal television shows into 3-D.