What happens when you merge a cop thriller with a bawdy comedy? Pang Ho-cheung comes up with the answer in his latest film.

Colourful shisa sculptures, new and old, keep evil at bay on the pristine islands of Okinawa

Outspoken Anthony Wong has become a reluctant champion of social justice, but the actor insists he's just telling it as he sees it

Spring Wave is the latest attempt to bring a Taiwanese music festival to Hong Kong. Organiser Shen Kwan-yuan tells David Frazier why this one should stick around

THERE'S LOUD POUNDING coming from Levain's bakery in Cheung Sha Wan as six students slap chunks of dough against the table before letting owner Li Kwok-cheung check it for stretchiness and e

Japanese composer's hauntingly beautiful soundtracks to the beloved 'Final Fantasy' game series live on through concerts

The city's rising stars were out in force for fashion week this month. Kylie Knott points out the names to watch and where to buy them

It's a nice neighbourhood restaurant operated (at least on the night of our visit) by just two people: one person taking care of the front of house, and one busy in the kitchen.

The first thing to say about Tsai Charwei, visual artist and constant inscriber of Buddhist sutra, is that she really likes to write. "It's kind of an obsessive thing," says the 33-year-old, who...



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