IT'S JUST TWO years since Hong Kong-born Six Lee launched his eponymous fashion label, but his clothes are already stocked in stores across Europe and Southeast Asia, as well as Hong Kong's

TRUTH MAY NOT ALWAYS be stranger than fiction, but it can certainly be more exciting.

We challenged four of our writers - Bernice Chan, Yvonne Teh, Kevin Kwong, Adam Wright and food editor Susan Jung - to reveal their tastiest spots ...

There are numbers of important anniversaries taking place in the classical music world this year, notably those marking the birth, 200 years ago, of Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner.

Autumn is the time to make the most of Hong Kong's great outdoors. For an outing to remember, try a picnic.

The Assaggio restaurants in Wan Chai and Tsim Sha Tsui are featuring river fish from Lake Garda in Italy in a promotion that ends on October 31.

The pizza is almost as good as it is at the Manhattan branch of Motorino, and while the leopard-spotted cornicione (the edge) might be slightly less puffy, it's still excellent.

Jian bing, the Chinese-style crêpe, is a staple of the Beijing street food scene.

If you’re looking for a sedate night out in the city, then Wyndham Street is not the place to go.


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