Some of Australia's brightest cabaret stars are on a mission to change our perception of the art form, writes Sue Green.

AROUND THE TURN of the millennium, it seemed like Woody Allen's career was all but over.

Superstar Donnie Yen would prefer to focus less on his success in good-guy roles and more on the hard work it took to get there, writes Edmund Lee.

Bhutan's mountain-top monasteries have existed unaltered for centuries, writes Graeme Green.

African restaurants are springing up in the city, but most remain under the radar, writes Jenni Marsh.

Technology will soon automate everyday tasks such a turning on the oven or dimming the lights. The future is closer than you think, writes Jamie Carter.

Sibling trio The Cribs have spent a decade forging a rock career from the ground up, writes Paul Kay.

Mara Measor adds a dash of Canto-pop to her urban folk sound, writes Rachel Mok.

Chow Chi-kin's all-day cha chaan teng is never far from his thoughts, and that's a good thing for his loyal clientele, writes Janice Leung Hayes.


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