It is the symbiosis between performer and audience that makes live shows so special, Indian vocalist Sonu Nigam tells P. Ramakrishnan.

With a modicum ofinsider knowledge,the misery and boredomof delayed flights can be a thing of the past. Charley Lanyon spends a day at Chek Lap Kok to prove the point.

The singer is rebooting her music career with a rockier, more grown-up sound. She tells Vanessa Yung why she relishes being a role model for young women.

Groundbreaking musical Starlight Express ran for 18 years in London, but touring the show was problematic until the producers embraced 3-D, writes Victoria Finlay.

Elysium depicts a future in which the elite lord it over the earth from a space station. Matt Damon tells Thea Klapwald why the film is really a parable for today.

Yung Kee is famed the world over for its fine roast bird, but much of its success is down to an ability to navigate the city's changes, writes Janice Leung Hayes.

Forget the blockbuster fragrance launches that have adorned the shelves in recent years, writes Emma Reinhold.

The HK International Jazz Festival is a worldly addition to the live music calendar, writes Robin Lynam.

I started cooking with my mother at a very young age. I was curious and loved to watch her cook, and she was happy to pass on her culinary skills.


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