Top Hong Kong DJs reveal their exercise playlists

DJs may not be the healthiest bunch, but who could be better to give tips on the best music for working out? Adam Wright asks some of our favourite Hong Kong DJs for their exercise playlists

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 01 August, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 31 July, 2013, 10:40pm


DJ Gie: Get Some by Lykke Li. This is a cool song that reminds me of the chase scenes from the old Western movies. It's good for running - especially if you are trying to escape.

Miss Yellow: Dumb Disco Ideas by Holy Ghost! This is an energetic song which leaves me feeling positive. Its crisp drums will make you want to run and run.

Taku Hirayama: Clouds and Water by Minilogue. I recently tried to keep my heartbeat on the drumbeat while I ran for 30 minutes listening to this long, deep techno journey. Monotonous but hypnotic.

Frankie Lam: You're Not from Brighton by Fatboy Slim. This guy's rhythms are always incredibly funky and it's hard not to move when you hear this track in particular.



DJ Gie: Cirrus by Bonobo. Travelling through water requires a different soundtrack and this one will keep the pace going. Just don't forget to come up for air.

Miss Yellow: Sink Or Swim by Morgan Hammer. Apart from the title which should inspire you to stay afloat, the track also brings a funky "kosmische" vibe which should be heard in the water.

Taku Hirayama: Night Rhythm (Daniel Solar & Andi De Luxe Dub Mix) by Roberto Rodriguez. I haven't tried listening to music in the pool, but the bass line of this track makes me want to try it. Any recommendations for waterproof music players?

Frankie Lam: Walk and Talk by Benoit & Sergio. I feel like I'm floating when I hear this deep house tune - so I guess it'd be great when gliding through the water.



DJ Gie: Polygon by Shock One. This track is basically a roller-coaster ride and matches the intense speed of cycling, yet it won't distract you from the task at hand.

Miss Yellow: Elektro Kardiogramm by Kraftwerk. The lyrics "elektro kardiogramm" and "beats per minute", plus the sound of heartbeats and breathing, should make you want to push the pedals.

Taku Hirayama: The Curse by Gatto Fritto. This track would certainly keep me cycling through nature under a deep blue sky. I should wake up early one Sunday and try it.

Frankie Lam: Encore by Nicolas Jaar. If you think electronic music can't be melodic, give this track a listen. It would be the perfect track to listen to while cycling through a quiet, suburban area.



DJ Gie: Sentinel by Midnight Conspiracy & Cenob1te. This is the perfect anthem for power lifters seeking to dig deep and find super-human levels of strength.

Miss Yellow: Street Fighter Riddim by D Double E. This is based on Street Fighter, and the voices and sounds from the game will make you feel like one of the fighters.

Taku Hirayama: Straight Ahead by Force of Nature. Watch the video on YouTube - it's hilarious to see the producers exercise to such a killer tune which pushes the body to the max.

Frankie Lam: Freestyler by Bomfunk MC's. These guys make really powerful, up-tempo music. It's pretty tough stuff, and is guaranteed to get you pumping iron.



DJ Gie: Alive by Empire of the Sun. The perfect feel-good track to follow a workout. Congratulations, you survived!

Miss Yellow: Staat Aus Glas by Kassem Mosse. This track's beautiful cymbals and simple bass line will take you on a slow-motion groove for almost 13 minutes, allowing you to find deep relaxation.

Taku Hirayama: The Dance of Planet X by Larry Heard. Cooling down marks the transition to chill-out time. This tune should be heard after a serious workout. It's amazingly smooth.

Frankie Lam: Underneath It All by No Doubt. Even just thinking about the reggae rhythm and lazy vocals on this song chills me out. The perfect way to end a workout.